Nagpur 2020 : Incessant rains join cloudy weather on day 2

Nagpur: The heavy bouts of rain clubbed with cloudy weather and cold breeze has literally turned Nagpur into a freezing plateau. Ever since the calendar changed to 2020, the city didn’t see the light of sun. The cloudy weather throughout Wednesday, January 1, 2020 took an extreme turn on Thursday morning when the chilly winds catapulted to heavy downpour that continue to lash various parts of Nagpur since the day commenced. Latest reports state that the drizzling was still on. The incessant rains continued for almost three hours, leaving city’s various low lying areas marooned.

Traffic snarls were at peak on various busy streets while a long traffic jam was seen on Wardha road. Water logged areas were common sight as gardens in many colonies turned into small pools. The potholes, as usual turned into problem puddles as the two wheeler riders faced harrowing time while commuting through potholes riddled roads. Cement roads in many localities were also submerged.

The minimum temperature in Nagpur stood at 12 degree Celsius on Thursday while the clouds are only expected to get clear by Saturday. Met office forecast spells of rain and thundershowers for rest of the day. The cloudy weather may continue till Friday.

The airport area in Nagpur along with nearby areas in Umred, narkhed, bhiwapur, parseoni, katol, ramtek, kalmeshwar, registered heavy rains.

Hailstorms hit crops
Meanwhile, Mohpa in Nagpur district along with various parts of Vidarbha were hit by hailstorms. Many villages around Nagpur were hit by severe hailstorms which caused serious damage to the the crops like orange, mosambi, cotton along with wheat and gram crops. The villages of Ispur, Jhipla, Bori, Mendki, Chikhali, Kali and nearby areas received hailstorms in the wee hours on Thursday.

Taking toll on health
Meanwhile the continuous change in weather have resulted into extra rush at clinics and hospitals. Elderly people and kids are increasingly getting affected by seasonal flu and cold, complicated with high grade fever.