Published On : Mon, Jan 4th, 2016

Mystery over Harsaheb Baweja’s death deepens: Relatives suspect foul play


Role of friend Gorang Jain who accompanied Harsaheb raises suspicions

Nagpur: There are some facts that will always remain mysterious. The silence that a sizeable amount of money can buy can also be gauged in this case.


Relatives of the deceased Harsaheb Baweja addressing the media personnel

Parents account of what actually occurred


According to the information collected by father, uncle and cousins of the deceased, the deceased Harsaheb Baweja and one of his friends named Gurang Jain had gone trekking on December 27, 2015. However, what conspired while on trekking is not known.

Within half an hour of the parents had arrived at the police station to file an FIR, the other friends, relatives of the other friends including Gorang Jain who were allegedly searching for the body claimed that they have located the dead body.

The cousin brother who had immediately rushed to the spot found that the dead body in a 10 X 15 rocky pit with bushes and rocks on the body appearing as if someone has placed the shrubs and leaves on the body. His shoes were found placed on a rock 1.5 feet above the spot where he was found. His pants were found to be ½ feet down which is usually found when someone is dragged. His body was found in a highly decomposed state. (so much so that his body could not even be shown to his mother).


Friend’s role raised suspicions

The friend who had accompanied the deceased Harsaheb Baweja has been giving different versions every time. His account of the turn of events vary from time to time and while being related to parents, police officials etc.

Some of the facts that raises suspicions

  1. Why did the friend Gorang Jain inform the parents of the deceased at 6 pm in the evening while the incident occurred in the afternoon?
  2. Why did the friend Gorang Jain not raise an alarm?
  3. Why did the friend Gorang Jain not inform the villagers and the police station at the base of the mountain?
  4. Immediately after informing the parents, the cell phones of all the friends who accompanied the deceased Harsaheb Baweja for witnessing the Sun Burn event in Goa were switched off. Why was this done?
  5. The way the friend Gorang Jain gave different accounts at different occasions raises many doubts, yet the cops chose not to detain him for detailed questioning or interrogation.
  6. The way the parents of all the friends were present in Goa before the parents raises a lot of suspicions. Sources claimed that a lawyer too was present at the police station but somehow the lawyer chose to escape noticing by the parents of the deceased.
  7. Immediately after arrival in Goa, the cousin brothers or the deceased including Manpreet Singh Bagga had gone with the parents and were searching for the body of Harsaheb Baweja. The cousin brothers claim that they had passed the spot many times early on the day but could not find the body since it was well hidden from plain view since shrubs and leaves were heaped on him. When the cousin brothers and relatives of the deceased had come down to file an FIR, within half an hour the body was said to be found raising a lot of suspicions.
  8. The wallet of the diseased is still missing. The mobile phone was found with Gorang Jain. Gorang Jain claimed that the deceased Harsaheb Baweja had given the cell phone to him since the battery was very low.

The kith and kin of the deceased including Father Harpal Singh Baweja, Brother of the deceased Harmanjeet Singh Baweja, Uncle Inderjeet Singh Baweja and eldest Uncle Kamaljeet Singh Baweja claimed that the deceased Harsaheb Baweja had last spoken to his mother on December 27, 2015. They claimed that when the cousin brother of the deceased Manpreet Singh Bagga saw at least four Bisleri Water bottles near the spot where the dead body was located. He asked the cops to kindly lift the bottles carefully so that some finger-prints can be lifted from them but the cops ignored his request and threw the bottles away. The behavior of the Town Inspector (TI) was said to be very rude and un-cooperative to the parents and relatives of the deceased. He seemed to be unresponsive and behaved as if he is not bothered about the sorrow of old parents who had lost their son. The behavior also appeared as if he was bought off with a sizeable amount. The very fact that the friend Gorang Jain was let off with light questioning when his role is very mysterious in the death speaks volumes about his involvement in the death or at least in trying to hide the cause of death. The villagers had told the relatives of the deceased that had they been informed, they would have found Harsaheb in the evening itself and maybe he could have been saved. Unofficially, the doctors who had performed the post-mortem had allegedly claimed that the deceased was alive for 24 hours at least.


The Babas who were allegedly arrested by the Goa police are said to be usually found in the next mountain and not in this mountain. Why were they arrested is not known and what are the cops of Goa trying to prove by arresting them.

The Post Mortem had allegedly claimed that no scratches or abrasions were found on the dead body. None of the bones were broken or all bones were intact. However, one look at the spot where the body was found will reveal that anyone falling into it will certainly break some bones or will at the least sustain hair-line cracks, which was not the case. The PM report also indicates that no drug abuse by the deceased was found in the preliminary post mortem report. However a detailed post mortem report is still awaited.


There are many such unanswered questions that haunt the relatives of the deceased. However, the relatives claimed that only when they approached the Director General of Police Goa that the TI registered their FIR. Only with the directions of the DG police that in spite of being December 31st he arranged for 100 cops to comb the mountain for the body of the Harsaheb.

The parents and relatives of the deceased want justice and whoever has been a cause for the death of their child Harsaheb Baweja to be punished.