Published On : Mon, Jan 4th, 2016

MIDC Industries association suspends five members for anti Association activity

mia-club-nagpurNagpur : The MIDC Hingna industries association , called as MIA, has been the most active association of industries in Nagpur. It has close to a 1000 members and strives tirelessly for tackling their problems and bringing them to the notice of the government.

One of the instances of the Association standing staunchly by its members was the Nag ‘Nadi’ bank industries being hit by the RRZ policy. Only a handful of industries were being affected but the whole association took up the issue on a war footing under the leadership of President Chandra Mohan Randhir.

Captain Randhir, as everyone knows him, is an army veteran and does not like losing any battles – thus they got a successful resolution for this issue also. It meant tackling adverse public opinion from many environmentalists and even the local print media, but it did not deter the association members who knew it was unfair on the industries concerned. Finally the present CM, Devendra Fadnavis gave them a sympathetic hearing, was convinced that it was a fair case and ruled in their favour.

When this association takes a tough step against five of its members, many of whom have been part of the governing body, the matter has to be very serious.

But that is exactly what has been done, learnt Nagpur Today from reliable sources. Five members have been suspended. Their names are:




4. D. N. GUPTA


Some of them, like Chander Khosla and Shekhar Bendre have been very senior in the association like being past presidents and Vice presidents elected by the whole body, then what led to them being ousted with, one hears, even legal action being contemplated?

Something has us convinced that other people, who are not even members of MIA, but are local politicians and Page 3 kind of socialites are involved in this dire step being taken reluctantly by the present elected body.

Names like Mahesh Bang, son of former MLA and Congress leader Mr. Bang, and Rohit Bajaj. Rohit Bajaj’s family concern is situated in the Hingna industrial estate but it is not he, but an employee whose name is registered as a member. Which means Rohit Bajaj has had no role in the association activities and may not be aware of any its issues either. Mahesh Bang is a rank outsider and cannot be a primary member of MIA even.

So what has transpired that such an unpleasant step was taken?

It is learnt from reliable sources that it all has to do with a recreation club that MIA decided to form for its members. Apart from benefiting industrialist members, other elite Nagpurians were to be offered membership for a life time fee; like Gondwana club or CP club.

Running an industry in today’s competitive conditions is fraught with tension and beset with problems. Many of them unsurmountable.

Members have to run to Mumbai for meetings with bureaucrats, bankers and others.

It was because of this that Association members decided to utilize some spare land in the estate for forming a club for sports and recreation. Members could avail of the facilities without having to drive long distances to another club and could go home refreshed.

But it turns out, that this very club has become a source of tension and anxiety. Also cause of dissent between former colleagues and friends.

So what happened exactly? What sort of games were played, how people and situations manipulated to monopolise a facility that was supposed to be for every member and run very fairly?

It is a sordid story… and more tragic still that it happened in Nagpur where people should unite to fight the big issues that face us. That are making us demand a separate state. Problems that could turn the whole of our Coal belt into an arid dessert. Unliveable and hostile.

We shall carry the story in detail, and after ascertaining all facts. So we are not unfair to anybody.

Lookout for it in Nagpur Today. As we bring you this exclusive story.

… Sunita Mudaliar – Associate Editor