Published On : Wed, Feb 4th, 2015

Mysterious theft in flat at Godrej Anandam Colony

theft in flat at Godrej Anandam Colony

Godrej Properties has gained a reputation and philosophy of innovation and excellence to the real estate industry. At Nagpur, Godrej has made state-of-the-art luxury apartments housed in Nagpur’s tallest towers situated in the heart of the city. Each apartment is carefully crafted to provide the owners with the best of amenities and comforts while providing ample personal space for a family. The best of safety and security features are also provided.

However, there was a theft in one flat that was not even occupied by the owners. According to the owner Manoj Agrawal, the 1750 square feet luxury flat situated in Godrej Anandam Colony was purchased at around Rs one crore. The builders Godrej Infrastructures Private Limited had handed over the possession of the flat in the month of October.

Manoj Agrawal
the victim of theft while speaking to Nagpur Today claimed that he and his family had performed the puja (house-warming ceremony) somewhere around October 2, 2014. Since the flat was yet to be furnished and interior decorations yet to be completed, the owner Manoj had locked the house and was continuing to live in his old house in Wardhaman Nagar. Manoj Agrawal is said to be running a Tea Powder business named Shivam Tea Company.

Two days back i.e. February 2, 2015, his new neighbour Sonkunwar of Godrej Anandam Colony visited his house to invite him to the house-warming ceremony which was scheduled on February 11, 2015. However, before leaving, he asked Manoj if he is getting his furniture and other fittings done in his house. When Manoj denied saying that he does not have time to supervise the work so he is not getting the work done now, his neighbor Sonkunwar claimed that why is his door open for the past 4 days?

Manoj came to check his Flat No-206 and found the main door open. On entering the flat, he claims that all the doors of all the rooms were open (which he had shut before leaving the flat). He also found that his bathroom and the toilet were regularly used for many days.

Unfortunately, he found the octo-metallic idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi) stolen. Manoj claimed that these two idols were gifted by his In-laws for the house-warming ceremony. Thee idols were octo-metallic and costed around Rupees 18000 to 20,000/-. He immediately called the Security Supervisor Ankit who had allegedly claimed that guarding his house is not their work.

Irked by this, he claimed that he had called on Police No 100. When he did not get any response, he called the Police Control Room. The police control room asked Manoj to register a complaint with Ganeshpeth Police Station. Manoj then called up Deputy Commissioner of Police Abhinash Kumar who assured him of prompt action. Within a few minutes, the cops came and inspected the flat. After that they asked Manoj to lodge a First Information Report (FIR) with the Ganeshpeth Police Station.

Manoj Agrawal told Nagpur Today that he has paid the complete cost and has cleared all the payments. He claimed that he has paid an additional amount of Rs 3, 50,000/- (Rupees three lakhs fifty thousand) towards Security arrangements as a one-time maintenance charge. He said that even after making this payment and Godrej Infrastructures Private Limited installing Closed Circuit Tele-Vision (CCTV) surveillance systems and Security Guards, how does such a theft take place. These keys are Godrej Locks Duralock keys which are rust proof stainless steel body, with advanced 14 pins ultra technology which gives high security. No other keys can be used to open the lock. Using any other key will damage the lock or the original key. When neither the lock nor the key is spoilt, it simply means that a spare or master key was used to open the lock.

Nagpur Today
spoke to the Security Chief Chandrakant Tiwari, an Ex-Serviceman whose office is at the Main-Gate. He claimed that Manoj Agrawal is lying. According to him Godrej Infrastructures Private Limited hands-over the flats to the owners after receiving all the payments. The Company then hands-over a set of 35 keys for each lock in the house. These keys are usually with the owner and the company does not retain any keys with them. Many owners give the keys to workers of Carpenters, Interior-Decorators, Architects, Pundits (for Puja) etc. These new workers often do not know how to operate these locks. Though it appears as if the door is locked, it is not locked unless one hears a distinct click.

The Security Chief also claimed that Manoj Agrawal had initially claimed that the idols were made of Plaster of Paris while later when the cops arrived he conveniently changed the version and claimed that the idols were Octo-metallic. The idols were so small that one can carry them in their pockets. The Security Chief also claimed that the CCTVs have been installed only 2 days ago and the other paraphernalia is not yet connected to provide footage.

However, Manoj Agrawal lodged a FIR with Ganeshpeth Police Station with a motive that if a complaint is lodged and police takes cognizance of the same and takes action against the Security Guards, in future when everybody comes to stay in these flats will be safe and their property will be secure.