Published On : Tue, Apr 14th, 2015

Mysterious death of 21-year-old young man addicted to Ganja

vlcsnapNagpur: Addiction to anything is bad. Addiction to drugs will most certainly lead to death. This addiction to drugs claimed another life of a young man in the city on April 13, 2015.

The deceased young man identified as Atul Mende aged 21 years and a resident of Deepak Nagar, Itta Bhatti had developed an addiction to Marijuana (Ganja). However on April 13, 2015, the relatives of the young man were informed that Atul has died in IGGMC. Atul’s relatives alleged that the employees of the De-addiction Centre, situated at Godni have killed him.

Atul was known to have previous addiction to Marijuana (Ganja). He was such an addict that in order to fulfill his addiction, he would harm others. Irked by this habit of Atul, his father had admitted him into the De-addiction Centre at Godni. The Doctors of the De-addiction Centre started their treatment. On Sunday night, the relatives of Atul were informed that the dead body of Atul is lying in the mortuary of Indira Gandhi Medical College and Hospital (Mayo).

His father who saw the dead-body of his son Atul alleged that there are burn-marks or scars all over his body. This has led the relatives of Atul to allege that the employees of De-addiction Centre have killed Atul.

The relatives have lodged a case with the Gittikhadan area. The In-Charge of Gittikhadan Police Station Police Inspector Sunil Bonde claimed that the preliminary investigation revealed that while in a state of euphoria or addicted-condition, Atul used to bite his own body parts. Police Inspector Bonde added that almost every day Atul used to self-inflict wounds on his body. In order to prevent Atul from causing any fatal injury and to curb this habit of Atul to self-inflict wounds, the employees of the De-addiction Centre used to keep him tied. The Gittikhadan Police Station has registered a case of accidental death.


A student of 12th class

Atul was a student of XIIth MCVC. At this very small age, Atul had become addicted to Marijuana (Ganja). His relatives alleged that the Doctors of the De-addiction Centre had informed the parents that Atul is getting treated for Mental illness and mental instability. The family members also alleged that they were informed of his death after nearly two hours of his death not when he was taken to Mayo Hospital. Gittikhadan Police personnel too have expressed their suspicion on the wounds over his body. The truth will be revealed only after the Post Mortem report.