Published On : Wed, Jul 9th, 2014

Mysterious Bird : A Crow that hits this man every time he moves out of his house!!!

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Nagpur News.

Now this is a tale that is reminiscent of some mythological episode. A crow chases a man, and mind you, only this man who is now living under constant stress of being beaked out by this bird. Unbelievable it may sound but it’s true that a person residing in Savitribai Fule Nagar at Tukadoji Putla chowk here has been caught under this weird situation in which this crow eyes on his every activity. Raju Meshram has been trying to shoo away this crow who hits his beak on him whenever he is out.

However, Nagpur Today does not support any belief that leads to superstition but this particular incident has caught the fancy of one and many in the area. Whereas similar incidents have been ruled out by science but this one has left the analysts clueless.

Nagpur Today tried to delve deeper into this mystery and interacted with few of the locals in the area and they confirmed the news saying that the crow has this special affinity towards Raju only and none in their locality has been ever bothered by this bird.

Repeated incidents of crow hitting him have made the life miserable for Raju who is shocked to experience such a peculiar thing. The very thought that not a human but a small black bodied bird has given him sleepless nights, has led Raju to think of some previous birth connection with this bird which appears flying beast to him.

Recalling the incidents, the people in the vicinity informed that whenever Raju is out of his house, the crow pounces on him. “It is not a coincidence that the bird only attacks Raju. There were instances when few people were around Raju but the bird targeted only him,” said an elderly person in the locality.

When Nagpur Today correspondent got the whiff of this unusual tale, he decided to keep an eagle’s eye to find out the truth for the continuous two days. To his shock and surprise, the story turned out to be true when he saw it happening in front of his eyes.

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In today’s ultra modern world there are some incidents which when linked to superstition does not go down well with the intellectual lot of society. But what can be said of Raju Meshram’s sorry tale which is to be seen to be believed!!!

While it remains a mystery, the folks out there are left wondering over the science behind this gesture.