Published On : Wed, Sep 25th, 2019

My11Circle: Taking India’s cricket fever to the next level

Even an individual who knows the bare minimum about India knows one thing for certain – India loves cricket! This comes as no surprise, given that over 90% of the global audience of the sport happen to be Indians, as per a report conducted by ICC. India’s obsession with the sport is unparalleled and can only be compared to Brazil’s love for football or the USA’s passion for basketball.

Initially introduced to the country in the colonial era as a gentleman’s game, cricket has seeped into our national consciousness, our DNA, if you will. From little boys playing street cricket in the bylanes of small-town India to men playing a gentle game in posh clubs, it is everywhere, and it is here to stay. The craze is only heightened when international tournaments such as the ICC T20 World Cup and the latest ICC Cricket World Cup took place. Statistics say that the average age of fans is 34, with a gender ratio of 39 per cent female and 61 per cent male. Let’s try to understand the astounding popularity of cricket in India, and why play fantasy cricket is the way for you to get into the meat of the game and make it your own.


India’s love affair with cricket

What makes cricket so popular in the country? Firstly, it’s really easy to play. Setting up a pitch is easy anywhere, especially in the narrow lanes of India where cricket stars are born. It also lends itself to a lot of innovation. For example- and a lot of us can relate to it- stumps can be made out of anything, from bricks to twigs. When it comes to using a ball, anything works- even a commonly available tennis ball! And owning a cricket bat is nearly every little boy’s joy and pride.

The success of world-class players like Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble in the early days of India’s international cricket dominance helped inspire younger players to take up the sport. As they say, success begets success!

The emergence of the highly lucrative, star-studded, homegrown IPL has taken the popularity of the sport to another level, as people are now able to see their favourite national and international players in stadiums closer to home. This year, IPL viewership was up by 21% as compared to 2018! 345 million urban and rural viewers tuned in to watch the IPL in 2019, and its popularity has particularly increased among female viewers, going up by 21% since last year.

India’s victories in ICC tournaments are also major reasons for the enduring love of the game. Star Group, which has the exclusive rights to broadcast the ICC Cricket World Cup in India, revealed that the viewership crossed over 182 million. People love to watch the game, but more so participate in it, with fantasy cricket.

Fantasy cricket- The next frontier 

We make match predictions with zealous fervour, and it feels like a personal win when we’re right! Given the country’s love for the sport, it was only a matter of time before our involvement with it took on a more personal flavour. India witnessed increasing traction for fantasy sports with the number of users growing from 0.2 crore in 2016 to 5 crore in 2019. Leading the genre in fantasy cricket, which is taking India’s cricket fever to the next level. Popular interactive platform My11Circle is spearheading the trend by making the users feel like they’re part of the game.

With My11Circle, you can form your dream team, experience an edge-of-the-seat thrum of excitement that comes with potential victory and sweet rewards. Users can make new friends on the platform with people who are just as passionate about the game. The game has never been more interactive and entertaining.

With more than one crore users, My11Circle is loved by cricket enthusiasts looking to form fantasy cricket teams and make accurate match predictions. My11Circle makes your favourite sport come alive, allowing you to pick a team of your choice and play fantasy cricket every day.

Fantasy cricket features you’ll love

My11Circle offers you an opportunity to improve your strategic skills and move up the leaderboard while having fun. You get a secure platform to enjoy a game of fantasy cricket and join a growing community of cricket lovers. Create your own team and devise winning strategies to earn the maximum number of points.

Don’t want to play for cash? Join the free games that happen round the clock. With a smooth interface and a detailed lobby, you can get all the information you need to form a winning team.

Enjoy the feel of the real deal with My11Circle. Start today by downloading the app and creating an account. It only takes a few minutes! Once you’ve signed up, you can start playing daily. With 100% secure payment gateways and speedy cash reward transfers to your account, you can be assured of getting rewarded for your wins quickly.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the hottest fantasy cricket app available and take your love for cricket to the next level with your dream gameplay.