Published On : Tue, Jul 25th, 2017

“My Music Is My Message” – Talat Aziz

Dr. Pachlore Foundations- Maestro Multiversity,India Is An Internationally Acclaimed & Celebrated Organization Exploring Its Services In The field of Social, Cultural, Rural, Educational & Medical Development. The Foundation is renowned name in Central India among Elite class and mass for its outstanding contribution in social and community services. The pivotal issues of Farmers suicide, women empowerment , child and human rights, Malnutrition, Rural Health and Education is Successfully resolved and served by the trust. This year the foundation was successful in saving lives of more than 5407 farmers and students suicide cases with its Any Time Madat ( ATM ) Centers , working at the grass root level.

Dr. Pachlore Foundations Annual fiesta – ‘ Inspiration Fest’ bedazzled every class and mass of the region with its innovative practices and creative principles. The Ghazal got glittering and Glamorous on the eve of Inspiration Fest with Ghazal Maestro TalatAziz , who was in town for Internationally acclaimed , ‘Pride Of Planet – 2017’ Award hosted & Given by Dr. Pachlore Foundations Maestro Multiversity.

Every Year Foundation Celebrates its Inspiration Fest to spread and share awareness about various issues of concern, making it one of its kind event of Health , Happiness & Harmony. The apex highlight of the event is celebrated with conferring of Pride Of planet Award, which Is The Prestigious Recognition Honour Every Year To An Individual For Rendering Extraordinary Contribution In The Vivid Field Of Scientific, Social, Cultural, Educational ,Medical, Legal, Rural, Women Empowerment, Human Rights, International Peace, Literature, Management , Arts & Community Services. Right From The Inception The Award Has Attracted Many Intellectuals And Achievers Of International Repute. The Elite List of past Pride of Planet Award winner Includes Madame JustynaKrukowska (Poland) , Dr. DevisinghShekhawat , Bishop Rosario , Bunny Reuben ,Dr. Lokendrasingh , Col. Padmanabhan, Prof. C.B Nadgouda, KrishnaPrakash ( IPS), Dr. Satish Wate , Dr. GovindKasat , and many other Intellectuals have decorated the Hall Of Fame.

This year the award was conferred to the most versatile and dynamic Ghazal Maestro Singer , Composer , Poet and Artist TalatAziz for his exemplary and enriching contribution in the field of Art and Culture Conservation. The dazzling event witness the galaxy of stars from every field and arena registering their remarkable presence.

In his opening address, Dr. Lokendrasingh said, ‘ As an recipient of PoP- 2016 , I have witnessed sincere and dedicated work carried by the Dr. Pachlore Foundation like true missionaries. The service methodology here is scientific and systematic. I feel proud and honour to be associated with this organization and to be part of this historical event.”

The Greek God Adonis lookalike Talat Aziz mesmerized everyone with his Charismatic personae . The Prestigious Pride of Planet Award consisting of Inspiration Plaque , Shawl , Letter Of Appreciation , Momento ( Violin) and Sword Of Honour was given by the Holy Hands Of MaasahebSheeladevi , Dr. VikramsinghPachlore& Dr. Lokendrasingh. Overwhelmed withecstasy anddeep EmotionsTalat Aziz expressed his gratitude for the award. He said, “ I feel Greatly Honoured and humbly delighted to be bestowed with such a prestigious Award from such A pristine Dr. Pachlore Foundation. This is Medallion to My music meditation of last 40 years. Ghazal is not merely form but it has its own temperament in itself. It requires one to transcend through different ethos of life and experiences. Love &life is the nucleus and essence of Ghazal”. Further he added , “Its really great to witness the herculean task and selfless service of Dr. Pachlore Foundation in the field of socio- cultural , educational and health development . Specially services rendered for the students and farmers through its Any Time Madat (ATM) center is remarkable. Dr. Pachlore foundation is true halo of hope and happiness ” Extending his gratitude to his Gurus and Mentors he thanked almighty for bestowing his choicest blessings on him.

Rendezvous with Talat Aziz – (Odyssey Of An Artist)
The star studded evening filled with galaxy of Intellectuals , witnessed the aesthetics attribute of Rendezvous with Talent Aziz , who impressed the audience with his eloquent expression and empathetic expression. The live Tete- a- Tetehosted by Maestro Dr. Vikramsingh P. ( Director , Dr. Pachlore Foundation) & Dr. Lokendrasingh( Director , C.I.I.M.S) served as intellectual and Innovative interaction treat to the audience. Talat Aziz in his colloquial manner shared the odyssey of his creative life and milestone memories cherished. Expressing gratitude for his Guru Mehndi Hassan he said, “Mehndi Hassansahab used to do Pehalwani( Wrestling) for his physical fitness and it benefitted his vocal cords , he believed.” Talats first encounter with JagjitSingh , holding Mike for him while he sang created nostalgic environment with tickle. To add to an euphoria Talat Aziz sang his signature Ghazal form UmraoJaan , ‘Zindagi Jab Bhi Teri..” winning the heart and touching the soul of the elite crowd. When asked about present and future status of Ghazal ,Talat explained , “ Every form of music has its own beauty and expression , Ghazal is mystic soul of music , it will be always live and young”. Talat Aziz Rocked the Rendezvous with his eloquent expressions , colloquial manner , articulate presentation and above all divine simplicity.TalatAziz mesmerized the audience with stunning compositions covering all shades and shadow of life. He confined himself in all sense Show Stealer and Show Stopper.

The ‘Glocal Inspiration Idol’ –
Dr. Pachlore foundation Also felicitated two GlocalAchievers , Race Across America winner Dr. Amit Samarth and Guinness World Record Holder Star Chef Vishnu Manohar with Inspiration Idol Trophy for their enduring achievement. Expressing Gratitude for the Foundation Dr. Amit Samarth said , “ It feels good to be recognized at your home ground. My endurance and exercise is similar to kind of hard work for social cause done by Dr. Pachlore foundation. Young generation should take sports seriously”.

Vishnu Manohar said , ‘ its great honour and moment of pride for me to receive the honour of Inspiration Idol in presence of Talat Aziz , whose melodious voice reminds us of love and romance. Cullinary art is my passion and profession , but getting recognized for it at such an elite platform , I feel obliged and thankful to Dr. Pachlore foundation.

“Generally, The Award Enhance , Elevates& Inspire An Individual, And there are very few Individuals like JanabTalat Aziz who elevates and enhances the accord of Award. He has already been An Living Institution in itself. We pray and wish , Padma Purskaar for him”, Expressed Dr. VikramsinghPachlore. He further added “ Every year Inspiration fest recharge, rejuvenates and rebukes all of us with new joy, vigor and enthusiasm to render our welfare mission and visionary task. With the bestowed blessing of all well wishers and above all living legend , Talat Aziz we feel on Cloud Nine of Faith and satisfaction. SalusPopuliSuperma Lex ( Welfare of the People is the supreme law) is the belief and motto of Dr. Pachlore Foundations and we will always strive for it”.

Amidst the laughing and cheering the thunderous applause ; even the odd sigh of disappointment, stood a moment that will go down in every Vidharbians album book as an outstanding memory of life. For the , ‘ Inspiration Fest organized by Dr. Pachlore Foundations Planet- V, Maestro Multiversity India. Professionals & Students from all over India and Abroad from various streams of Management, Medical, Engineering, Arts &Humaities gathered to mark Inspiration Day into big fiesta . The management & student presented classical and cultural splendid show.
The Glittering Glam POP Award event witness the classical gathering of Intellectual class and popular mass leaders including SardarTuli , Dr. Ranade , Kamalsingh , M.T. Deshmukh , Rajesh Chandak , Kishansharma and others. N. V. Sharma anchored the show , which also witnessed some elegant performance by local artist. The spectators will truly mark this Historical International event which enriched the cultural soil and sown seed of universal brotherhood peace, & harmony as life changing episode of their life , positively. The Elite , Executive and Enormous Fan associates of Talat Aziz has expressed joy and delight over the Extravagant event at central India.