Published On : Tue, Aug 11th, 2015

My father lost 20 kg to inspire me to get fit

From fat to flat

Then: 92 kilos
Now: 73 kilos

Then: 40 inch
Now: 32 inch

Vices: Butter/ghee

Victories: Healthier and confident
My father met with an accident in 2006. His ribs had cracked and he was bed-ridden for six months, which led to massive weight gain. But he decided to tame the scale and made significant changes. He would be up and out on a run by 3.30am.

He ensures that he gets some form of exercise every day. He runs marathons and trains with my 25-year-old sister, who also particpates in marathons. He constantly guides her and me. I never miss a workout; if he can be so disciplined at 52, I can do it too.

It was quite a struggle initially for him to work out for more than 30mins at a stretch. But he gradually improved his stamina and moved onto weight training. He always tells me that it is important to move out of your comfort zone if you want to see results.

Being a typical Bania family, our food habits at home were never in place. From eating unchecked amounts of sweet to indulging in ghee and butter-soaked foods, each meal at our home was like a food festival

Having learnt his lesson well, my father now knows the worth of a good diet. Due to his current posting, he is away from home. But he resists unhealthy takeaways and cooks nutritious meals for himself. Even when eating out, he carefully chooses his food.

A consultation with a nutritionist made us realise that we were living in a bubble of ignorance. This spurned us into correcting our diet habits. We now eat regular and small meals throughout the day and avoid carbs for dinner.

Friends and relatives kept commenting on his enormous size. At times, he felt embarrassed that he might be setting the wrong example for me. He discussed this with me and together we chalked out an exercise and diet plan for him.

Our family and friends never miss an occasion to compliment him. Though he has shed all the weight, he is still particular about his fitness routine. His determination and commitment to fitness has inspired me a great deal.

An important lesson I have learnt from my father is that there is no shortcut; only discipline and self- inspiration can help you reach your goals. And you will succeed if you are self- motivated.

By Sobha Elanza in Pune as Published in menshealth