Published On : Fri, Jul 18th, 2014

Mushrooming auto-rickshaws gulp city roads while traffic cops lie idle; Citizens distressed

Nagpur News.

As if the voluminous fares were not enough, auto-rickshaws plying across city have cluttered the traffic around every stretch, almost choking the roads. Meet the new menace in Nagpur where auto-rickshaws have flouted nearly all the norms set for parking as well as plying. While most of the auto-rickshaw drivers run without operating meters, nearly all park their vehicles on their whims and fancies. Commuters pass through these roads in utter frustration while the traffic cops have literally turned blind eye to the menace which has gained alarming proportion.

Few flyovers add to problem

The civic authorities and the infrastructure machinery may claim it a part of development but many of us would agree to this fact that some flyovers came up in the city without giving thought to the need of the road-users. The flyover near railway station that connects the T-point to Loha Pul is one such flyover. People coming from Loha Pul to the railway station have to take the flyover. When they reach the other end and want to go to the railway station, how and where is one, supposed to turn and proceed to the railway station is not clear.

However, the auto-rickshaws and two-wheelers merrily make the U-turn and proceed to the railway station without inviting any action from the traffic cops. At the same time the traffic cops can be seen harassing four-wheeler drivers doing the same. The ease at which these auto-rickshaws flout norms in front of traffic keepers is for all to understand.

For auto-drivers, there is no ‘one-way’

As if this is not enough, the road from the railway station to Loha Pul facing the gate of Ganesh Tekdi temple is supposed to be one-way. However, auto-rickshaw drivers take their autos from there and reach their passengers to the station without any hassles. They even pick passengers arriving at the MP Bus Stand and ferry them to the railway station without any worries of being stopped by traffic cop. However, any two-wheeler attempting to do that is promptly detained and a heavy challan is issued. This challan may include several offenses like lack of license and documents on the person, Number plates, lights etc. These are ignored if they the road users adhere to regular traffic rules.

Ram Jhula – a trouble in the making!

The landing or starting of the Ram Jhula (Suspended Over-head Bridge) may soon be placed at the T-Point near SECR Head-Office. How does the traffic department intend to regulate the flow at that point? Which direction and road is going to be one-way and which is going to be two-way?

Complete chaos at Jhansi Rani Square, Variety Square

Two main squares of the city i.e. Jhansi Rani Square and Variety Square are practically hounded by these Auto-rickshaw drivers. They keep going round the square soliciting customers/passengers. They get greedy by the minute. Even after three passengers (if it is normal auto) and six (if it is six-seater), they keep harping for more. One may wonder that if only traffic cops come, this menace will stop. However, no such things occur. They are probably hand in glove. At some peak hours, there are practically three to four autos standing side by side, practically blocking most part of the road. The star-bus drivers too add to this menace. They park their bus in such a manner that no one else can pass, till they proceed.  Citizens however wonder when any new RTO official arrives, and the roads remain clutter-free from auto-rickshaw menace, only to return to its routine chaos within 2-3 days.

The road between Rani Jhansi Square to Variety Square is practically ruled by these auto-drivers. They keep blocking the smooth flow of traffic on a very narrow road. The cops situated on both the Variety Square and Rani Jhansi Square seem to be turn a blind eye to this menace. The reason for this is anybody’s guess. The cops are busy in apprehending innocent two-wheelers who are rushing to their office, school or college to check their documents, license etc so that they can make a fast buck if they do not possess the necessary documents.

It’s Our Road Anyway…


Auto-rickshaws scattered all over the road near Jhansi Rani Square is a common sight, both for the traffic cops and citizens. The picture clearly shows more than half of the road is encroached upon to park these vehicles.

Chaos rules at Jhansi Rani Square

DSC_0013 (2)

The passengers are often distracted by these auto-drivers who spread up around all the sides of Jhansi Rani Square only to block the traffic on their whims.


Who will eliminate this menace?


The traffic cops keep whistling and shouting but who cares…??? Have the top bosses in traffic turned mute spectators to this frustrating problem.

:: Amol Gajbhiye