Published On : Wed, May 14th, 2014

Municipal Commissioner on whirlwind tour for inspection of Pilli River cleaning work

Mpl.commi Nirikshan Pili-Nadi news Photos 14 May 2014Nagpur News :

From May 1 the cleaning work of Pilli River has entered into final phase. Municipal Commissioner, Shyam Wardhane, on May 14 reviewed the work near Gorewada tank where from the river rises. In course of the tour, he reviewed the work at Gorewada, Palloti Nagar, Mankapur bridge, Vandevinagar, Vanjra Vanjri, Kalamna cemetery. After the review he also gave various directives for the cleaning.

First Municipal Commissioner, Shyam Wardhane, reviewed the work near Gorewada where the 2-2.5 km long river bed is being cleaned with the help of pocland machine and with the use of manpower. Superintending engineer, Prakash Urade and development engineer, Rahul Warke briefed the commissioner on the issue. Here due to rise of oxygen level in the water fish were seen moving with gay abandon. Nearly 50,000 cubic meter earth is removed from the river for widening its bed. Commissioner instructed the staff to see to it that the shrubs will not grow to hinder the flow of water and the flow will be smooth. He told them to construct a channel for the purpose.

After this the commissioner inspected the work at Ayyappa nagar near Palloti Nagar, there the shrubs have to be removed so he issued directives accordingly.

Near Mankarpur bridge the work was going on with the help of pocland machine and earth is being removed. City engineer informed that work of a 2 km patch is still not completed. Vandevinagar, Vanjra Vanjri area was next in the line of the observation. Here the river bed of 2.5 km is being cleaned.

On the last leg of the review, Municipal Commissioner, Shyam Wardhane  reviewed the work near Kalamna cemetery. Here the river bed is 6 km long and some portion goes through rural area. Commissioner instructed to complete the cleaning of the whole portion irrespective of that being falling under rural jurisdiction. The work is almost nearing completion.

During the tour, Municipal Commissioner, Shyam Wardhane was accompanied by, superintending engineer, Prakash Urade, Medical officer, Dr Ashok Urkude, works engineer, Rahul Warke, city engineer, Sanjay Gaikwad, executive engineer, Dilip Jamgade, Manoj Talewar, assistant commissioner, Prakash Warade, Harish Raut, Ashok Patil and Dilip Patil, branch engineer, PP Dhankar, Developed Mendulkar, G T Wasnik, C R Gabhane, junior engineer, PSWaghmare, health department zonal officer, N Details Nandanwar, D E Rangari and health and public works department staff and officials.