Published On : Sat, Aug 23rd, 2014

Mulak initiates slew of development works in Police Line Takli to resolve citizens’ problems

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Maharashtra Minister of State for Finance and Planning Rajendra Mulak, in a bid to further develop Police Line Takli area of Nagpur, has got sanctioned a slew of works that would help resolve several problems being faced by the residents. The development initiative would cost around Rs 2 crore and Mulak has got the funds sanctioned from State Government. The funds will be utilized for beautification of gardens, road repairs, high mast lights, gutter line, nullah walls, storm drainage pipeline, and other works.fago_layout_to_ramdev_tekdi_dambrikrn

Following is the list of distribution of sanctioned funds for various works:

1) Out of the Rs 40 lakh, Adarsh Colony’s Prabhag No. 9 A and B will get Rs 3 lakh each for Inter-Locking I Block.

2)      Rs 5 lakh have been allotted for road widening and repair between Dalal Nursing Home and Jaishree Plaza till Choudhary’s house.

3)       Highmast lights to be installed at Hemu Colony Square at the cost of Rs 5 lakh.

4)      Rs 2.80 lakh for electric pumps along with construction of two machines in the well at Government Mental Hospital.

5)      Rs 10 lakh for footpath repair at Fago Layout, Adarsh Colony, Prashant Nagar.

6)      Rs 11 lakh for footpath and road repair at Prabhag 9 B of Fago Layout, Adarsh Colony and Prashant Nagar.

7)      Rs 10 lakh for gutter lines in Gautam agar and Dashrath Nagar.

8)      Rs 25 lakh have been sanctioned for construction of garden in State Bank Colony in Raj Nagar, Khurana Layout, Bute Layout.

9)      Rs 10 lakh for construction of single toilets in Gautam Nagar, Darshan Nagar, Qutubshah Nagar.

10)   Construction of garden and playing ground will get funds of Rs 18.75 lakh.

11)   Rs 5.65 lakh for construction of gutter lines in Gautam Nagar, Dashrath Nagar, Qutubshah Nagar, Gittikhadan

12)   Rs 20 lakh for construction of nullah safety walls in Darshan Nagar, Awasthi Nagar.

13)   Rs 10 lakh for storm drainage pipeline in Dashrath Nagar and Gautam Nagar.

14)   Rs 20 lakh for road repair at Gorewada Adarsh Colony, Fago layout, Police Line Takli.borewell_in_the_premises_of_mental_hospital

Moreover, Rs 15 lakh have been proposed to be spent for I Block at Qutub Shah Auliya Dargah.

Rajendra Mulak has reassured sufficient funds for the development works in the area. A delegation of residents from Police Line Takli met Rajendra Mulak and thanked him for his initiative. The delegation included Dr Prashant Chopra, Sheela Mohod, Ghanshyam Mange, Sonia Singh, Renu Nagrulkar, Vishal Mahure, Ashok Marshettiwar, Pinti Banthia, Suresh Kedari, Sandhya Thakre, Billu Shukla, Sandeep Jogi, Asha Raut, Subodh Baghel, Asif Ansari, Raju Farkade, Saraswati Bhale, Arvind Charpe, Kadav Guruji, Ashok Pomde, Maksud Khan, Noor Khan, Dr Rizwi, Dr Haroon Khan, Sadiq Pathan, Asif Khan, Asfaq Pathan, Bablu Pathan, Rizwan Khan and others.adarsh_colony_interlocking_eye_blocks_nd_dambrikar