Published On : Mon, Jun 8th, 2020

MUHS declares time table amid pandemic, UG & PG students left in dilemmas!

Nagpur: After the Maharashtra University of Health Science, Nashik has decided to go with the examination and released the MUHS exam time table, amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the continuous rise in the number of COVID-19 cases, the medical exams are set to begin on July 16, leaving students in doubt and suspicion.

Apart from the stress of having prepared for exams during a pandemic, dilemmas among students are surging relevant to many issues from transportation to select examination centres.
As most of the students headed home after the Maharashtra government asked to evacuate hostels. Now, coming back for exams has become another complication. Travelling through private vehicles costs way high while government carriers are too risky. Though the frequency of trains has increased, getting a confirmed ticket still remains a doubt.

The university attracts thousands of students across the state and the country, so the chances of getting affected during the length of the examination are real. Still, there are no clear guidelines provided to students about alternative options of further exams if any student gets affected. Whether the university will take responsibility for students or not is still a question?

Filling exam forms and opting the right centre for examination, remain the heftiest concern among medical students of UG and PG. Several examination centres are as far as 100 km from students’ residence while the others appear under the red zone area.

In addition to the strain over exams, travelling every day to these safe or unsafe centres will be another distress to the health of students. Also, there are no instruction manuals issued to students related to precautions and safety measures to be followed during the examination.

Some students even put the demand for gaps in between examinations because of travel issues, as centres are far so travelling daily will be tiring and will have an impact on their outcome.

As there was no clarity about the extension of the lockdown so most of the students went home without taking their notes and books. Though they have pdf along with them, studying online for long hours is next to impossible because of the headache and strain to eyes. Therefore, the budding doctors requested the authorities to bestow more time for preparation.

Students also expressed concern related to the practical exam schedule, patient preparation for the exam, journal evaluation and pattern of conducting the same.

Moreover, authorities left students in a dilemma by saying exams might get postponed if the COVID-19 cases are on the steady rise by June end.

Repeated attempts of discussion were brought in by the medical students with the administration related to their doubts but received no response, so far.

– Kajal Yadav