Published On : Fri, Jul 3rd, 2020


MSMEs ,who are the major contributors to Nation’s Economic Growth,and their share in GDP,Export and job creation in the country is quite significant.It has been widely recognised by everyone in the country and therefore it has got attention althroughout the country, Shri.Mayank Shukla, Chairman, Vidarbha Chapter of Chamber of Small Industry Associations (COSIA) stated.Yet this is not enough, as after a long Lockdown period of more than 60 days, it has not been able to stabilise because of numerous problems, they are facing.

Although Government is trying to support them in this period of crisis to come out of the woods , still it is feared that more than 35% of industrial units are facing closure. The stimulus packages announced by the Goverment is not being availed by the MSME sector because of uncertainty in the situation.Shri.Shukla,said

Further more they are facing a situation of total uncertainty regarding production facilities & consumption demand.Now when the monsoon season is already active, and PANDEMIC COVID-19 is not showing any sign of slowing down, the Export orders are in doldrums, the earlier orders are facing cancellation because of undue delay in execution how the MSMEs will be able to meet out the repayment of increased liabilities after the moratorium period is over , Shri.Shukla wondered.

If ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT Nirman has to become a reality in a stipulated time, these MSMEs needs to be supported and encouraged in moving towards backward integration.The dependency of our country on intermediate products and vital machineries on other countries has to be reduced on war footing Shri Shukla concluded.

Elaborating further on the isdue , Vice Chairman COSIA, CA Julfesh Shah, stated that the Research and Development department of our Technical & Professional colleges has to work in hand to hand in co-ordination with Industries, to develop import substitute products and process that will enable our products self reliant, competitive in cost and quality.

Mass production of PPE kits, which use to be entirely imported earlier and now the present situation is we are in a position to export it to other countries, this has become possible in a period of few months.

It shows our strong will and determination Shri Shah said.Same zeal and enthusiasm we have to show in moving towards backward integration,becoming self reliant and reach the goal of ‘ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT’nirman.

We are not only facing migrant labour problem but also facing a problem of ”Brain Drain’, we not only have to stop this migration of intellectuals but we have to bring back our intellectuals from outside .Shri Shah said further.

ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT is a mission, which needs a coordinated efforts of Technical Institutions, Government Machineries, Financial Experts, and Industries in a MSME sector.MSME has to play major pivotal role in planning and executing this important mission of our country in shortest possible time, Shri Shah ,summed up.