Published On : Sat, Jun 21st, 2014

MSEDCL breakdowns affects water supply to North, East & parts of South Nagpur

Kanhan WTP faces 3.30 Hrs major power breakdowns on June 21

Orange-City-Water-logoNagpur: Citizens of North, East and parts of South Nagpur once again were deprived of precious potable water supply on Saturday (June 21) evening and night hours. Reason, the Kanhan Water Treatment Plant (WTP) of Orange City Water’s (OCW) in a yet another incident faced 2 major power break downs , first of 2.30 hrs long (8.15 am to 10.45 am) and another of One-hour long (12.35 pm to 1.35 pm) by state power Distribution Company MSEDCL on Saturday, June 21.

On Saturday, morning a major power failure from MSEDCL occurred at Kanhan WTP at from 08. 15Hrs. There are two upper substations Kanhan and Gondegaon. As there was a problem with the pin of the breaker on the Gondegaon feeder line, the load was shifted to the Kanhan feeder but the breaker was not getting charged. There was some technical snag on the Kanhan 33Kv feeder line which took time to resolve. Ultimately, the MSEDCL took two and half hour to rectify this breaker problem before normal power could be restored.

It must be mentioned here, in the month of May, due to almost 12 times frequent and extended power failure from MSEDCL side there were interruptions in pumping from Kanhan WTP to East and North Nagpur. This resulted in very less water levels in the ESR’s and very little water pressure in direct tapping supply areas. Kanhan WTP suffered power tripping for almost 17 times (6 hours) during period between May 1 and May 7. Due to such excessive power tripping’s citizens are facing problems and are compelled to live with either restricted or no water supply. The citizen had to live with limited or no water supply.