Published On : Mon, Mar 14th, 2016

Movie Review: Teraa Surroor

Tera Surroor
Teraa Surroor
Cast: Himesh Reshammiya, Farah Karimaee, Naseeruddin Shah, Shekhar Kapur
Director: Shawn Arranha

Will you be surprised if I tell you that Teraa Surroor – which, incidentally, is not a sequel to 2007 film Aap Kaa Surroor – is Himesh Reshammiya’s ninth film as an actor?

If yes, then you are doing a great disservice to yourself. There’s no harm in a little fun every now and then. If no, then you deserve every single second of this mysterious, melodious, super cheesy, unintentionally funny, half baked, impractical and futile film.

The world has changed a lot, and so has Himesh Reshammiya. He has lost a lot of weight, brushed up his acting skills, and is ready to rub shoulders with the likes of Naseeruddin Shah, Kabir Bedi and Shekhar Kapur. But, is that as easy as it sounds?

Raghu (Himesh) is a tough Mumbai gangster who never smiles, at least when he should. He also likes to flaunt his shades and weird love quirks. Tara (Farah Karimaee) is Raghu’s girlfriend, and she and her mother live in his house. But you wouldn’t expect her to know Raghu’s true identity, would you? No, that’s almost a crime in a city as prone to terror attacks like Mumbai.

Anyway, Tara arrives in Dublin and gets detained on drug trafficking charges. Why did she come to Dublin? Simple, it’s because her Facebook friend wanted her to come. But she can’t tell the local police anything about this mysterious guy because she has never met him. She hasn’t heard his voice either, not even on the phone (and you thought Liam Neeson went overboard in Taken). You see, a phone call can get you killed. Turns out, the guy is called Anirudh Brahmin, and nobody can save him because Himesh has chosen him to showcase his combat moves.

The sudden turn of events puts the Dublin Police to the daunting task of saving their citizens from the wrath of some hot-headed Indians. They talk about Osama Bin Laden and Bharat Mata in the same breath. You see, all the whites are racist, and those living in and around Dublin, Ireland, take the cake.
Titled Teraa Surroor – A Lethal Love Story, this film is all about unconditional, unbound swag. Bad guy gets killed, he smiles. Bad guy kills someone, he smiles. Nobody kills anybody, they smile. Only Himesh doesn’t smile. That would make his jawline look less prominent.

And yes, there is a guy in the shadows who loves playing the guitar after every scene. Don’t ask me why. Probably he just loves playing the guitar!

Raghu has a friend in ‘The Bird’ a.k.a Enrique Santino, who speaks fluent Hindi. Why? Because he has spent many years in Indian jails. Otherwise, how would you justify Naseeruddin Shah playing Santino? And, don’t you dare forget, the guitar guy is still playing in the background.

Ireland seems to be the perfect place for health commercials; after all, people here like to jog in slow motion. But then, that’s less rewarding than watching Kabir Bedi’s maroon lipstick.

Teraa Surroor appears to be an international conspiracy, where the Irish are subjected to immense torture because an Indian guy is there to seek revenge on another Indian guy.

Teraa Surroor’s music is its biggest attraction, provided you’re a Himesh fan like me. The first half keeps featuring one song after another and you feel blessed. But then comes the interval, following which the movie turns into an illogical chase that ends nowhere. Even the movie’s glossy cinematography and sleek editing couldn’t be of much help.

Himesh Reshammiya has tried hard, but it’s still not working for him. Farah Karimaee may get some films if looking good is the only criterion. Naseeruddin Shah is Naseeruddin Shah and Shekhar Kapur is Shekhar Kapur, absolutely undiluted.

Teraa Surroor is indeed a lethal love story.