Published On : Wed, Sep 11th, 2019

Movie review: Rakkhosh

First POV movie in India # Netflix

Synopsys: An asylum patient’s troubled past threatens his grasp on reality as fellow hospital residents begin disappearing at the hands of an unknown entity. (Rakkhosh is a first-person POV of a schizophrenic person based on a Marathi short story ‘Patient No. 302’).

When the person’s body and mind are not integrated his behavioral pattern changes. The primary cause of one’s actions is emotions. The film focuses on the central character (Birsa’s) exposure to the outside world around him. Only his sister and a friend from mental asylum could understand him. His father treats him harshly and sends him to and overcrowded the mental asylum.

One by one, the patients begin to disappear due to some mysterious circumstances; this catches the attention of a journalist who becomes entangled with the thrilling drama. The film gives insights on the lead character’s perspective and approach towards various situations and the consequences he has to face because of it.

Camera: As a first point of view film, where the camera is the character, the camera work and over all cinematography is extremely praiseworthy. High and low angles mostly show the extreme discrimination of the society whereas the hand-held and shaky camera movements show the unpredictability in the behaviors and situations.

Edit: Action edit is beautifully used along with the sound to cut the scenes and to generate that shocking impact, though there was a scope for sound designing where some background sound feels unrealistic.

Final take: The film is well researched and directed with a lot of subtext and socio-psychological intertextuality.

Art and blue color tones show the captivity, dullness and darkness from the depressed point of view of the character. The point of view composition engages in unfolding and revealing the content and grasps the imagination till the end, as one becomes intimate with the character. If you want to experience some thrill go ahead and switch to Netflix ‘Rakkhosh (Demon) is waiting for you.
Akshay Kadam: (Film maker/Critic)