Published On : Wed, Sep 23rd, 2015

Mountain of fish perish in Gandhisagar Lake, mysteriously

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Nagpur: One of the beauty spots in the Second capital City of Nagpur, Gandhisagar Lake, turned out a spot of curiosity and horror as well for the citizens. The scenario depicted a horror movie. The nearby residents and passersby witnessed thousands of fish of different species and different sizes dead and floating on surface and accumulated on the shores of Gandhisagar Lake. The mysterious death of tons of fish has caused concerns for environmentalists. Work is going on war-footing to remove the dead fish. On Saturday, around three tons of marine species were disposed of and many more tons are being disposed of.

According to sources, the dead fish in gigantic numbers, both in small and big sizes, are being noticed since Saturday. The Nagpur Municipal Corporation had recently floated tenders for netting fish. It is reported that a fisherman named Vijay bagged the cantract. But when the NMC authorities received the alarming reports of dead fish surfacing and accumulating ashore, they dispatched garbage vehicles and the dead species were taken to Bhandewadi area for disposal. The mysterious death of thousands of fish could put the contractor in financial mess as the fish of different species were bred since the past 6-7 years.

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Illegal fishing in nights: 
According to sources, the Gandhisagar Lake is witnessing a large scale illegal fishing in the nights. The night fishing causes heavy losses. The contract for fishing has already been awarded still the illegal fishing is going on in full swing.

Ganesh idol immersion may be reason: It is suspected that the immersion of Ganesh idols in thousands could be the reason for tons of fish dying. The idols are made of different chemicals and the chemicals get mixed with water and settle down at bottom of the lake. These chemicals starve the fish of oxygen which results in death. Now, with the main immersion day of Ganesh idols approaching fast it would be prudent action on the part of NMC to initiate formidable measures to avert death of thousands of fish. Trash, especially plastic and litter cause adverse effect on fish. Plastics do not degrade easily in environment and therefore remain in the same stable /undegraded form in water bodies. Fish mistakenly confuse plastics as food materials and ingest them which causes blockage in the digestive system and kill the fish. There is also probability that fish and other marine life often get stuck in plastic items. Plastic often cause fish to starve to death by getting stuck around their mouth making them unable to eat.

Another reason being put forth for death of fish is that a stock of expired medicines could have been dropped in the lake. The expired medicines may have turned the water poisonous causing death of fish in thousands.

Shukrwari talab Fish (5)The noted diver Jagdish Khare, who is often summoned by police to pull out bodies of those commit suicide in Gandhisagar Lake, is also helping in disposing of the dead fish. His wife is also lending her hand in the job.
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Jagdish Khare

Jagdish Khare