Published On : Wed, Jun 8th, 2016

Motorcycles stunts @ Futala , action initiated against forty seven bikers

WhatsApp-Image-20160608Nagpur: On many roads like the Futala Road and deserted stretches one can find teenagers performing stunts like wheelies, standing on bike, making circles on roads etc. The way they move on the roads with their horns blaring can give a heart attack to any senior citizen.

One often goes to places like Futala to enjoy serene beauty of dawn and the fresh air while undertaking exercise like walking, jogging and stretching. When these teenagers or youth come on motorcycles blaring their horns, one gets shaken out of their revere and get disturbed.

When a law abiding citizen called on June 7, 2016, the cops on noticing the stunt-performing teenagers, the teenagers managed to escape since response time of cop’s arrival was longer.

Taking cognizance to the incident on social media “whatsapp”, the cops decided to act on these unscrupulous teenagers. On June 7, 2016, the cops managed to take action against 12 teenagers. A joint operation was planned on June 8, 2016 by the Ambazhari Police Station and Gittikhadan Police Station. A three-fold bandobast or cordon was installed so that these offenders do not escape even if they escape from one cordon. Action was initiated against 35 teenagers for violations under various sections of the Motor Vehicle Act

While speaking to Nagpur Today, In-Charge of Ambazhari Police Station Senior Police Inspector Shailesh Shankhe said that they would like to appeal to these youth and teenagers not to violate any traffic rules and regulations. Apart from that, place like Futala is a place where many senior citizens come to enjoy fresh air and to exercise, walk or jog. Disturbing the peace and serenity with their hooliganism on the road is definitely wrong. He said that they will definitely initiate action against them for violations under Motor Vehicles Act.

One can witness a similar sight on busy road stretches from Law College square to Shankar Nagar or from Shankar Nagar Square to Dharmapeth Science College square. Some of these bikers are on the “Super-Bikes” which costs lakhs of rupees. These 1000 CC bikes are said to be powerful and go from 0-80 kilometers within seconds. They make a big howling sound that can be heard a mile away. The way these youngsters’ whiz past and way they perform stunts of zigzagging between vehicles often instill a fear of traversing on the road especially among the senior citizens or women driving their two-wheelers.

A suggestion that one citizen made on the social media sounded very sensible. The citizen suggested that cops should seize these bikes and should be returned only after procuring supurdnama (handing over) orders from the court. Till such time the bikes must be in possession of the cops. May be then the parents of these youngsters may realize and think twice before giving the bikes to these youngsters.

As media personnel, we often encounter youth who lay sprawled on the road and their bikes mangled beyond recognition after an accident either because of their own fault or that of somebody else. It is at that time that one is led to realize, wish only someone could have given a sane advice of moving slow to these youngsters.