Published On : Thu, Jul 22nd, 2021

Most of Nagpur roads riddled with potholes, cause of fatal mishaps

Nagpur: Most of the roads in Nagpur riddled with potholes not only show the Second Capital in poor light but also the cause of fatal road accidents that occur every year. Data procured from Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) revealed that nearly two-thirds of the road length in the city is in bad shape. About 64.45% of the city’s cumulative 1,491.19 km tar roads have either been dotted with potholes or their surface is completely worn off due to poor construction and non-maintenance.

According to NMC data, the total length of city roads is around 2313.65 km, of which around 700 km of road length has been cemented while around 150 km of roads come under the kuccha category.

With the onset of monsoon, the roads show their ugly face as small potholes turn bigger, and the bigger ones turn into craters on several major and internal roads. These roads pose a threat to all kinds of vehicles.

The condition of tar roads in posh and high profile Civil Lines is no better. The state of affairs is such that the surface layer between Variety Square and Ravi Nagar Square is visible in some parts.

The shabby condition of the roads not only dents the image of Second Capital but is also the cause of fatal road accidents each year. Poor driving surfaces are often caused by a combination of seasonal and traffic conditions. These changes in weather can cause hazards like slippery surfaces caused by rain. Uneven pavements are also a major cause of accidents. Poorly maintained roads cause accidents in a variety of ways, mostly due to the fact that they create an enormous hazard to drivers. In many instances, a driver may attempt to avoid a certain situation, like a pothole or pooling water which could cause a serious accident.