Monsoon rains to hit Nagpur between June 7-10

monsoon rain in nagpur
Nagpur: In some respite for the farmers of Vidarbha, the region can expect onset of monsoon between June 7-10.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) on Wednesday issued the second stage long range forecast for the season (June to September). The forecast was prepared using a 6-parameter Statistical Ensemble Forecasting System (SEFS), and the operational Monsoon Mission Climate Forecast System (MMCFS).

While rainfall over the country is most likely to be normal, the season rainfall for Central India will be 99 per cent of the long period average (LPA). Quantitatively, the season rainfall for the country is likely to be 97 per cent of the LPA.

As per IMD, rainfall which is less than 96 % of the LPA is considered ‘below normal’ while rainfall which is 96-104% of the LPA is considered ‘normal’. Rainfall which is below 90% of the LPA is considered ‘deficient’. In other regions, the season rainfall is likely to be 100 per cent of LPA over North-West India, 95 per cent of LPA over South Peninsula, and 93 per cent of LPA over North-East India, all with a model error of ±8 per cent.

Director of Regional Meteorological Centre (RMC) AD Tathe said that rainfall activity is likely to increase over parts of Maharashtra and Goa from June 6. “On Wednesday, the south-west monsoon further advanced to some parts of Central Arabian Sea, remaining parts of Kerala, coastal Karnataka and some parts of interior Tamil Nadu,” he added.

On Wednesday evening, the city witnessed brief showers. “These were summer thunder showers. The moisture content increasing day-by-day and with high temperatures, such showers are likely to occur,” said Tathe.

As per the prediction of RMC, there is a probability of partly cloudy sky with one or two spells of rainfall or thunderstorm for the coming few days.