Published On : Mon, Sep 25th, 2017

‘Model Voter’s list’ on the to-do list of BJP workers to increase voting percentage

model Voting list

Nagpur: In a bid to increase the voting percentage in upcoming elections, the undertaking of preparing a ‘Model Voter’s List’ was brought to a start by Central government minister-Nitin Gadkari. The initiative of preparing the list in booth number 214 in Central Nagpur, is also started by legislator Vikas Kumbhare and BJP President of Central Nagpur, Bandu Raut.

The step has been taken considering the fact that due to non-updated voter’s lists, a large number of voters remain deprived of their right to vote. Coprorator Shraddha Pathak, Vandana Yangatwar, Guddu Dwivedi, Baalu Bante, Amol Thakre, Sham Chandekar, Vijay Rehpandey, Gopal Bankar and others were also present during the initiation of the update.

It is to be mentioned that under the mission, BJP dignitaries and workers will be visiting houses in Nagpur and will update the voters list. As a pilot project, the initiation has been started off from booth 214.

It is to be mentioned that several voters remain deprived from voting due to absence of name in voters list. Also, it is often observed that names of same family members are registered in lists of distinct areas.

As a result, the voters list is being updated.