Published On : Thu, Apr 9th, 2015

Model raped, blackmailed with MMS : Trending now, Nagpur Girls reacts on Facebook to NT Story

facebook-ac-ntNagpur: We had carried a story yesterday of how a city model, married and mother of a child, was co coerced and black mailed into sleeping with another guy who threatened to kill her husband and child if she did not do so.

She finally opened up and confessed everything to her husband and the man has been arrested.

Read here : ‘I had no idea he was filming me’: Model raped, blackmailed with MMS
                  ‘Sleep with me or I’ll kill your child said the rapist’, claimed model

This news set of many reactions on the social media.

Kiran Pandey had this reaction –

“And they call themselves model Chxxxxxxxxx…… Nagpur Girls who wants to be a model, please grow up & stop entertaining these kind of chutiyassss infact work hard & don’t trust anyone, jo mila badi badi baatein kiya bas uski baaton me agaye no don’t fall for that ”

Says Gurvir Singh in reaction to Kiran’s post –
one more thing is that !
Inka meht krna nai ata ( they do not know to work hard)
They just know ki shortcut mil jae aur mai jaldi se bn jau.

But point is har chiz ka ek wqt hota h , jab tak us chiz k liye banda tad aapta nai h use smjh nai ati.

(You have to be patient and persevere to get anything. You shud be really hungry for it)

Slow and steady wins the race.

These reactions show that yes, there is sleaze and opportunism in the world of glamour, modeling and acting, there is lots of politics too. But one can still achieve what one wants by working hard and mantaining one’s self respect.

Many have opined that and it is heartening that so many youngsters in today’s Nagpur too believe this that it is not cool to drink and smoke just to be in the ‘news’. That does not achieve anything really, except spoil your health.

Says Tripti Shrivastava -u r apslutly rit kiran, dy all r fake. bematlb ki baate krke girls ko fasaate n girls b inki baato me aa jaati or Sochti h ki hum model ya heroine ban jayege…duniya bhari padi h beautifull girls se…sab itti aasani se heroine ban jaati toh kya baat thi..aese log roz milte…girls ko akal honi chahiye…

(Girls are trapped by meaningless promises. If every beautiful girl could become a model or an actress, it would be wonderful! But it is not so – girls should use their brains and their discretion when it comes to louts who make big promises and exploit them.

Wake up girls – stand on your own two feet, have confidence, work hard, have patience and do not ever fall for either empty promises or meaningless threats from guys masquerading as your friends or threatening to destroy you. Both.

Do not give your power away. Trust your own counsel.

Really heartening that Nagpurians, even in the still nascent glamour business are thinking so maturely.