Published On : Wed, Jun 2nd, 2021

Mobile diesel delivery for bulk consumers in Nagpur

Nagpur: Doorstep diesel delivery is a new revolution in the field of energy distribution in India. It is a cost-effective solution for India’s ever-growing need for diesel. Fuel is required on an everyday basis for the smooth functioning of heavy machinery in local industries, generators in hospitals, civic bodies, and villages for tractors, etc. To ease the lives of the end-consumers without the hassles of diesel procurement, Nagpur based fuelent “MHKS Fuel Retail” & “Highway Auto Services” has started the facility of door-step diesel delivery through their mobile petrol pumps.

Highway auto services” is an HPCL retail outlet, run by Afzal Mehdi situated on Bhandara Road, Pardi, Nagpur. He has acquired a Mobile Fuel Pump from Repos Energy – for on-the-go fuel dispensing facility to consumers which will go around a 100 km radius from the retail outlet (fully loaded ) to meet the demand for diesel by various end-users at their doorstep. He has successfully met the diesel requirements of the mining, the infrastructure sector, and various industries.

“We look forward to serve many more consumers with this state-of-the-art dispenser having valid licenses from all the departments meeting mandatory requirements of the Oil Ministry,” says Mehdi.

Mufaddal Amin, owner of “MHKS FUEL RETAIL” runs a BPCL retail outlet in Tekadi, Nagpur. He too has acquired a Mobile Dispenser from Repos Energy – which will go around 30km from the pump to provide doorstep diesel services. Amin meets the demand of customers looking for proper quality, quantity, and transparent dealing.

Doorstep diesel delivery is approved by the government and is a new-age concept of effective distribution of diesel. It allows fuel startups to maintain quality and creating the availability of fuel for the consumers. It will hugely benefit the agricultural sector, hospitals, housing societies, heavy machinery facilities, mobile towers, and much more.

Earlier, the bulk consumers of the diesel had to procure it from retail outlets in barrels which used to cause a lot of spillages and dead mileage in energy procurement. Efficient energy distribution infrastructure was lacking. Doorstep diesel delivery will solve many such problems and will provide diesel to bulk consumers in the most legal and facet manner.