Published On : Sat, Oct 10th, 2020

Mobile cremation cages install in various Ghats of Nagpur

Nagpur: There were many new changes made in recent times on performing the last rituals. With numerous deaths happening per day due to the deadly corona-virus, and in view of this civic administration put forward strict rules while performing the last rituals of the COVID-19 affected person, while keeping others safe from the spread of virus.

To make the process fast and environment friendly, Vijay Limaye, an environment activist made a moveable cage which is used for cremation purpose. Speaking on this, Vijay said that earlier the cages which are built were permanent and cannot be removed but the new cage is modified and can be divided into two parts and can be easily shifted to other parts as well and is light weight. The process take less time as the flow of oxygen is constant.

The cage looks similar to coffin and currently 3 cages each has been installed at Manewada Ghat and Ambazari Ghat while one is set at Mankapur Ghat. The cage is made in such a way that it can be easily dismantled and can be shifted instantly to other place he added.

With rising mortality in coronavirus pandemic, there is long wait for funerals at crematoriums. The firewood is also required in low quantity. The ash is collected in trays placed below. These cages are also beneficial for the environment point of view, Vijay added.