Published On : Wed, Aug 23rd, 2023

MLA Sharma’s No-Show in Nagpur Sana Khan Murder Case; Expected Appearance on August 24

Nagpur: The puzzle surrounding the murder of Sana Khan, a prominent figure in Nagpur’s BJP Minority Morcha, remains unresolved as MLA Sanjay Sharma fails to appear before authorities. The accused Amit Sahu has been misleading the police with consistent statements.

Meanwhile, five suspects have already been apprehended in connection with the case and have been remanded in custody until August 25. The Nagpur police had also issued a notice to Sanjay Sharma, the legislator from Tandukheda, for questioning, which he was slated to attend on Wednesday. However, he did not attend the scheduled meeting. Sharma has stated that he will present his side on August 24, failing which Nagpur police will reissue the notice.


Reason for Notice:
Sources within the police have claimed that after the murder of Sana, her husband Amit Sahu had been in contact with MLA Sanjay Sharma. There have been several conversations on his mobile. In relation to this case, the Nagpur police had issued a notice to the legislator, summoning him on Wednesday. It should be noted that even before the revelation of Sana’s mother Mehrunnisha’s confession about the murder, allegations were made against legislator Sanjay Sharma for shielding the accused. In 2007, when Amit was a fugitive in a murder case, Sanjay Sharma’s family had claimed that he provided protection to the accused.

Legislator Sanjay Sharma stated that he has not visited the Nagpur police yet. He intends to present himself on August 24. He acknowledged a conversation a day prior where he admitted that he had a connection with Amit Sahu 15 years ago when he worked for him. However, there have been no subsequent ties between them.

Letters to Banks:
The Nagpur police have sent letters to banks where Amit Sahu and his associate Rajesh hold accounts. Concerns have been raised that after extorting money from people, Rajesh transferred the funds to various bank accounts. Simultaneously, a thorough examination of Sana’s bank accounts is being conducted to trace the flow of money between Sana and Amit.

Accusations of Assisting in Escape:
According to Nagpur’s Manakapur police, Amit Sahu assisted Ravi Shankar Yadav, also known as Rabboo Yadav, and his son Dharmendra Yadav during their escape after the murder. Amit was involved in a sand business with Dharmendra. Sana had also met both Rabboo and Dharmendra. After Sana’s murder, Amit had shared all the details of the crime with Rabboo and Dharmendra. Despite being aware of Amit’s whereabouts, neither of them revealed this information to the police. Both of them have also been arrested in connection with the case.

Creation of Inappropriate Video through Deception:
According to the Nagpur police investigation, it has been revealed that the accused Amit Sahu, also known as Papu, had been creating inappropriate videos of Sana Khan through deception and used them to blackmail her. Moreover, he used these videos to manipulate various individuals. The police are currently investigating the extent of Sana’s contact with different people and the distribution of such videos. This case has prompted police investigations not only in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh but also in Uttar Pradesh, with a team being dispatched to Varanasi for the same.

On August 11, Maharashtra police, in collaboration with Madhya Pradesh police, arrested the main accused, Amit Sahu, from Gaurighat, for the murder of Sana Khan. All suspects have been remanded in custody until August 25.”