Published On : Fri, Apr 10th, 2015

Mithila Wasankar surrenders while Baghyashree eludes

The MPID Court rejects bail applications of Mithila Wasnkar in investment scam

Adhering to the directives of MPID Court which had given a period of 15 days for Mithila Wasankar and Baghyashree Wasankar to surrender, Mithila Wasankar surrendered before the MPID Court on April 10, 2015.

Immediately after the surrendering, the lawyers of State had requested that she be remanded to police custody. On the basis of the request, the learned Judge of MPID ordered Police Custodial Remand (PCR) of 5 days, i.e. till April 15, 2015.

However, Baghyashree Wasankar has not adhered to the Court’s directives and surrendered as yet.

Sources in the Economic Offenses Wing said that more than 1000 cases have been registered against Wasankar and his cohorts. Sources added that fresh complainants of bigger amounts too are coming forward to register their case against Wasankar.

However, while speaking to Nagpur Today, many investors who were present in the court expressed extreme displeasure in the slow pace with which the investigation is being conducted. Some of them even opined that what is the point of arresting the women and the other accused, when the police could not even get these accused to confess the where they have hidden or stashed the amount, nor could they get them to confess where the crime branch can recover the investors’ amount.

Some of them opined that until the police resorts to harsher methods, the accused in Wasankar case may never confess to the siphoned amount. After a few years of punishment, they will be out and will enjoy the hard earned money of scores of investors.