Published On : Tue, Apr 19th, 2016

Minor girl gang-raped repeatedly in MIDC area: Accused arrested


Nagpur: In another heinous incident that has come to fore in MIDC area, a minor girl was allegedly picked up from the city in a car and taken to a deserted area on Hingna road and gang raped by around three persons from 7:00 pm to 10 pm in the night on April 18, 2016.

According to police, the victim minor girl claimed that she was raped repeatedly by the accused and his friends. The victim had claimed that she knew one of the accused identified as Rakesh Janaklal Patle.


Rakesh Patle used to offer services as driver in a Travel Agents Office which used to supply cars and SUVs for local travel. Long time back he had ferried the family of the victim to some place where the victim became acquainted with the accused. It was in his Travera SUV that the accused had taken the victim to the lonely place and deserted area on Hingna Road and raped her.

According to Senior Police Inspector (In-Charge of Crime Branch) Anil Katkhede, who was on night round, he had gone to MIDC Police Station. There he noticed a badly battered and very frightened girl along with her mother. Initially the victim girl was visibly frightened and in shock.

When questioned it came to fore that the girl had left the house saying that she is going to her friend’s house to enquire about some computer class. After about 10 pm, she had reached one of their relatives house on Hingna road. The relative informed the mother of the victim that the victim has come to her house and that she is visibly in shock. The mother who rushed to the relatives place try to ask her what happened. The victim just replied that her body is paining badly. The mother sensing something untoward happening with her daughter took her to the police station. There when PI Anil Katkhede asked, the victim reported that she was raped repeatedly by three accused in a lonely place on Hingna Road. Police Inspector Kathkhede took the matter seriously and took the victim to the crime spot. The spot was pretty far from the city and deep in a forest type area. The victim claimed that one of the accused whom she knew had taken her to the lonely spot. There after raping the victim had called two more of his friends who took turns raping her. She claimed that two boys were on watch to ascertain if anybody is coming or not.
The horrendous gang rape by the three accused occurred from 7:00 pm to 10 pm in the night on April 18, 2016. Police sources claimed that the accused have be identified and arrested. The victim is said to be 17 years of age.

The girl had initially claimed that the accused had administered some injection causing her to become unconscious and later committed the heinous act.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Shailesh Balkawde while addressing the media personnel claimed that the cops are investigating into all the aspects of what had transpired with the victim.

The accused are identified as:

1. Mohan Vijay Verma aged 18 years and resident of Rajeev Nagar, Hingna Road, MIDC Nagpur.
2. Rakesh Janaklal Patle aged 26 years and resident of Rajeev Nagar, Hingna Road, MIDC Nagpur.
3. Akash Madhukar Dupare aged 19 years and resident of Rajeev Nagar, Hingna Road, MIDC Nagpur.

Meanwhile the MIDC Police has registered a case under Sections 366 (A), 376 (D), 328, 34 Sub Section 6 of POSCO Act against the accused and has arrested the accused.

Under the guidance of Commissioner of Police S P Yadav, Joint Commissioner of Police Rajwardhan, Deputy Commissioner of Police Shailesh Balkawde, the cops of MIDC Police Station including PI Nalawade, Second PI Raul, PSI Wagh, Crime Branch Police Inspector Senior PI Anil Kathkhede, Crime Branch Squad including PC Laxman Shende, PC Amit, Nilesh Wadekar, Rajkumar Deshmukh had investigated into the matter and arrested the accused.