Published On : Fri, Sep 24th, 2021

Mini-Electronics Market at Zero Mile station

Nagpur : Maha Metro has decided to develop a Mini-Electronics Market at Zero Mile Freedom Park metro station. There will be 20 shops selling electronics goods at the concourse level of the station. These shops have already been constructed.

Maha Metro has floated a tender for allotting these shops to bidders on lease for a period of 9 years. Out of the 20 shops, 17 have area ranging from 125 square feet to 150 sq ft. The remaining three are larger ones having area between 600 sq ft and 900 sq ft.

The tender is live on Maha Metro’s website The last date for submission of bids is October 7, 2021. The bids will be decided on the basis of licensee fee per sq m per month quoted by the bidder.

Maha Metro has also floated a tender for construction of a 20-floor tower near Zero Mile, Civil Lines. The Zero Mile Freedom Park station will be housed inside this building.

The tower will have 18 storeys above the ground in addition to which there will be 2 basement floors. Airports Authority of India (AAI) has sanctioned a height of 295 feet for the building. The project has been conceived under parking-cum-commercial development theme of Maha Metro on Public Private Partnership (PPP) basis.

The concessionaire will have to construct 2,90,000 sq ft commercial space. The parking includes 2 basements, one ground level and one mezzanine level, which have already been constructed by Maha Metro. The successful bidder only has to construct 13 floors above the metro station.