Published On : Fri, Sep 18th, 2015

Mihan Death Resolved? School bus driver admits sexual abuse, murder of 20 yr girl

Nagpur: Mystery has been shrouding the death of 20 year old girl who body was was found in Isasani area of Mihan on Wednesday night. Not it surfaced that a school bus driver named Jeevan Chhapane has admitted to making sexual advances and then strangulating the girl to death. Chhapane reportedly drive the school bus in which victim’s younger sister used to travel. Chhapane revealed that that he had forcibly tried to establish sexual relations with the girl and upon shouting for help killed the victim by throttling her neck. Initially, Chhapane tried to mislead the cops by saying that he had a love affair with the victim.

Police said that the father of the victim is a labourer. He had three daughters. The elder daughter is married. The deceased student was the second child. The youngest daughter is studying in 7th standard. The accused Jeevan was the driver of the school bus in which the victim’s younger sister used to go to school. Jeevan used to visit the house to pick her younger sister during which period, police suspect, the accused had an eye on the deceased student. On September 15, the deceased student returned from her uncle’s house situated at Gopal Nagar by bus at about 8.30 pm. She got down at Jaitala bus stop, where Jeevan was already waiting for her. Jeevan took the unsuspecting deceased in his mini bus to Mihan area and tried to force himself upon her.

Frightened, the victim girl shouted for help and tried to free herself from his entanglement. However, she was unable to match the strength of Jeevan who is stockily built. In an effort to stop her from yelling, Jeevan strangulated her.

Police suspect that one of Jeevan’s accomplices might be involved in the crime, though he is denying the fact. The victim girl was an upright girl and hence her family members are denying the theory that she went on her own with Jeevan. They suspect that some accomplices might have been involved in her rape and murder.

Meanwhile, the accused Jeevan was produced before the court by Sonegaon police, which remanded him to police custody till September 21. The mother of the deceased had complained two months ago before the school administration that Jeevan used to drive in drunken state. After the school administration promised her that he would be removed after Diwali, the mother kept silent. Police also suspect that Jeevan might have committed the act in vengeance. The incident has also exposed the negligence of the school authorities. A drunkard and a womaniser like Jeevan should not have been allowed to operate a school bus, believe family members of the deceased. Mother had complained about Jeevan