Published On : Wed, Jan 31st, 2018

Mid-day meals’ funds bungled, Edn Deptt serves notice to school principal

Nagpur: Zilla Parishad Education Officer (Primary) Dipendra Lokhande as per the orders of Education Department has served a notice to the Principal of St Ursula Girls’ High School, Civil Lines directing her to immediately pay Rs 20 lakh at the earliest for the mid-day meals scam.

According to the report, ST Ursula School had received Rs 37.95 lakh aid from 2011 to 2015. The school had shown the expenses of Rs 18 lakh and shifted Rs19 lakh into the account of Junior college. The responsibility was of Principal Rachana Singh. Exactly after two year the education Department has given the orders. This fraud was brought to light by RTI Action Committee’s Chairman Shahid Sharif. This episode was quite in news at that time. Taking cognisance of whole thing High Court ordered the Education Department to form a committee. Judicial friend Prashant Thakre was appointed on committee. After the inquiry and audit was done order for recovery was sent to St Ursula School. The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) was informed about bungling case. After this the Chairman, school Trustees and office bearers had visited the ACB office. Soon after this the Education Department served a notice to school.

Chairman of ST Ursula School Trustees Bishop Paul Dupare said that they had received the notice from Education Department just yesterday. Within two to three days action will be taken against Pincipal Rachana Singh and she will be suspended. Replying to paying of Rs 20 lakh, Chairman Bishop Dupare said that the mistake is of Principal Rachana Singh and so she will have to pay, school will not pay. He further said that within a week the meeting of trustees will be held and then further action would be taken.

RTI Action Committee Chairman Shahid Sharif said that using the government funds for other works is a crime. For this a criminal case should be registered against school Principal. Rs 20 lakhs will be recovered from Principal’s gratuity and fund whatever is there. This amount should not be recovered from students. Sharif said that though the school is granted one yet money is taken from students. He said, about this also he has complained to the Commissioner. Whatever extra money has been taken from the school children should be returned, he said.