Micro-preterm twin babies born out at Alexis hospital

Micro-preterm twin babies born out of precious pregnancy successfully treated by expert nicu team at alexis multispeciality hospital

Nagpur: Happiness was beyond limits for a first time mother Sheetal Lavatre who conceived with twins in Nagpur. On birth both the babies were micro-preemies with critically lower weight and premature overall growth. The birth weight of the first twin baby was520 grams and second twin was 800 grams. Despite pregnancy induced hypertension, Sheetal gave birth to these twins at a 29 weeks gestation period, with features of prematurity. Both the babies needed intensive care as they developed respiratory distress and had to be given oxygen, ventilation and surfactant. They developed complications of prematurity like sepsis, anaemia/jaundice, feeding difficulties. The family was immediately on the lookout for a hospital that has multispeciality care under one roof with a well- equipped NICU department.

The father of the twins Gaurav Lavatre said, “After a lot of research on the best neonatal facilities and positive feedback we received about Dr. Bhaskar Gupta and the nursing at Alexis, we decided to get our babies admitted here. We were very stressed emotionally and yet lucky to have come to Alexis in time for our babies who are now doing well.”

Dr. Bhaskar Gupta, Consultant Paediatrician & Neonatologist at Alexis mentioned, “We are happy we are able to manage such high-risk micro-preemies successfully in accordance with the international protocols of treatment in our well-equipped tertiary care Level III intensive care neonatal unit with all latest and best equipments. The team of well-trained doctors and nursing staff took good care of them. Other morbidities that developed during the course of treatment like reflux of milk, apnoea and anaemia were also treated successfully.”

“Over the course of treatment, these micro-preemies were fully checked for vision, hearing, head and brain growth and regular follow up of these were done. Both the babies had retinopathy of prematurity for which laser treatments were done in cycles and they were closely followed up by the ophthalmologist.”

One of the twins was 520 grams and needed blood transfusion for anaemia and had staggered breathing difficulties. With meticulous planning of their feeding schedule, feeds were introduced and gradually increased. The baby showed very good improvement over time with all vitamins, iron and feed supplements, and was discharged on day 92 of life as he was then 2 kgs in weight and was being fully looked after by the mother independently. The other twin II also had a similar course and faster weight gain and was discharged from NICU on day 74 of life, weighing 2 kgs.

Both babies had excellent growth and neurodevelopment outcome without any eye, hearing or any other complications. The nursing care with breast feeds, Kangaroo mother care, and special feeding techniques helped to achieve these positive results.

The parents Gaurav and Sheetal Lavatre have been extremely thankful to the NICU medical team at Alexis Multispeciality Hospital. Thanking the team Sheetal added, “They have taken care of my babies as their own and ensured their complete recovery and good weight gain before their discharge.”

Both the babies are doing well with good weight gain and are being followed up regularly at the hospital’s Paediatric OPD.