Published On : Mon, Dec 23rd, 2013

Messy matter: MSHCL retires 371 employees forcibly, promotes 52 staffers within 24 hours

The “unfortunate” 371 employees include some Nagpur employees.

Nagpur News.

In a development that would even take messy Government officials on the back foot, the Maharashtra State Handloom Corporation Limited (MSHCL) forcibly retired 371 employees and promoted 52 employees in the State at one go.

It may be recalled, MSHCL implemented Fifth Pay Commission recommendations between January 1, 1996 and March 31, 2008. Similarly, the MSHCL implemented the Sixth Pay Commission recommendations from January 2006. However, the employees were retired on the basis of the Fourth Pay Commission. The MSHCL, shockingly, forcibly retired 371 employees on March 31, 2008 and promoted 52 employees on April 1, 2008, precisely within 24 hours and thus creating “unparalleled” history of sort in the annals of Government undertakings. The “unfortunate” 371 employees include some Nagpur employees. The “Black Night” action forced the Maharashtra State Handloom Corporation Employees and Weavers’ Union to level charges of scam to the tune of lakhs of rupees. The press release issued by the Union has said.

The press release further claimed the dubious role of Board of Directors and the Managing Director of MSHCL in the “illegal” state of affairs. The Union also charged the top officials of the MSHCL with misleading the Maharashtra Government on the contentious issue of implementation of Fifth Pay Commission recommendations and thus meting out injustice to the employees.

The Union is fighting for justice for past several years and demanding payment of arrears to the 371 employees. The press release said, 70 employees out of 371 have died and many others are in bad health. The press release issued by Arun Mahure, Janardan Junghare, Anil Kusle, Dinesh Kolhe, Purushottam Selukar, Dilip Nikam, D G Borikar, P D Pathak, Tulsiram Jambhule and others have demanded justice to the affected employees immediately.