Published On : Fri, May 1st, 2020

” Mendichya Panawar…” A Pandora of classic Hindi Marathi songs. From” Kaladalan .

Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar , Madhavi Pande Sanika Thakur.. and others witnessed loving songs. .

Kala Dalan Nagpur has organized “Mendichya Panawar “ A Musical program and published it on Face Book. Event was celebration of Birth anniversary of great poet Suresh Bhatt. Kala Dalan is a renowned musical group of Nagpur since last fifteen years headed by Mrs. Madhavi Pande.

Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar and other renowned people of Nagpurs Musical world has witnessed the program and extend their best wishes to Kala Dalan gp.

Anchor Madhavi Pande comparing the program, Sanika Thakur presenting a Song.

Program starts with ” Mendichya Panawar …… sung by Sanika Thakur a sweet voice of Nagpur. ., Prior to that Mrs. Madhavi Pande Director Kaladalan has introduced the song and singer to the viewers. She nicely narrate the facts associated with that song. Other singers were Anushka Kale, and Vijay Jathe . As it was birth anniversary of famous poet Suresh Bhatt, his classic songs were presented by team Kaladalan.

Soulful songs Mendichya Panawar……, Sunya Sunya Mehfilit Mazya……, Malmali Tarunya Maze……, Aawar re….and many more songs were presented by singers.

Duet song Tere Chehare se Nazar nahi Hatati …. And other duets were presented by Anushka Kale and Vijay Jathe as an tribute to Rishi Kapoor. Sunya Sunya Mahfilit mazya…… received loud applaud from audience. Song Presented by Sanika Thakur enthralls audience with bubbling energy.

In the lock down period , Kala Dalan has given a musical feast to all viewers. Viewers shower their comments on the Singers and organizers.

Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar , Prashant Sahare , Sanjivani booty , Rupali Roy, Deepali, Sanjay Borkar, Sejal Borkar, Pratima Borkar and many more music lovers has witnessed program on fb. . Anchor Madhvi Pande done his job nicely.

Dr. sanjay Uttarwar encourages the singers for Musical program in this crucial days of Corona Kovid 19. He is having immense interest and contribution to the field of music. He is a renowned singer of Nagpur city too. At the beginning of program , Organisers welcome all viewers for their support and encouragement. .

In his reply to welcome , Dr. Uttarwar gave thanks to Madhavi Pande , for lovely organization and extend his good wishes for future of the Kala Dalan Gp. He always encourage young talents for presenting their talents on various fronts. Many more groups are coming ahead to present on line programs of face book. At the end music lovers moves with euphoria of sweet songs.