Melodrama in MIHAN

If this wasn’t true, it would be a joke, maybe even a P.J.!!

Nagpur : There is this intercom service provider who was the first to provide this service to the few industries brave and foolhardy enough to come to Nagpur. This big company, of international fame and repute was at the top of the foolhardy list. It spent atleast 10 crores in setting up its optic fiber network without the hope of gainful returns.But when they began raising their monthly bills as per the contract the MIHAN admin Mr Ingole demanded a cut in the revenue for MADC. ( The company that runs MIHAN).


” What revenue? There is nil!” Countered the Company.

” But you have been given sole rights” they were told. ” You will have to pay”.

” So bring in another company if you can” the first company said. ” We don’t want monopoly.”

Thus BSNL broad band was brought in.

Then this officer began harassing the first service provider and doing petty things like not opening the basement of W building for them to access their own equipment! When the client who was suffering as a result pleaded for co operation he was told ” why do you work with this private company? Go with BSNL!”

Tired of working in this hostile and infantile atmosphere the private company agreed to make a monthly payment.

” Please raise an invoice so we can pay” they requested Ingole.

” I don’t have that authority, I will ask my boss, Mr Chahande.”

I don’t have authority either” said the boss.

So the company approached the MADC M.D. – who is always a senior IAS officer stationed in Mumbai, not Nagpur.

The then M.D. Mr Kakani remonstrated ” you want me to intercede in such a small matter? Go talk to Ingole!”

Back to square one.

Why is this company running from pillar to post?

Because if the broadband is down for even one hour a big client loses 100 working hours in toto!

But all the retired 60+ gentry working in MIHAN is not bothered. They think of themselves as mere pen pushers, signing – or not signing!- on the dotted line as per their perception of rules and regulations.

To hell with clients, their business needs, their profit..

Or their losses!

No wonder given a choice, private players are fleeing MIHAN. Either returning to Hyderabad/ Pune or even preferring the fledgling IT Park within Nagpur!

– Sunita Mudaliar