Published On : Fri, Jul 31st, 2015

Meet Aryan Pashine, a little city chap who develops mobile app!


Nagpur: Curiosity has always been the key to achievement for this young school boy from Nagpur. Perhaps this instinct led this eight grader to evolve as tech wizard, an enthusiastic writer and an innovator. This boy from a renowned city school has developed two wonderful apps- gaming Purple Box and calculating mobile application Calkify-Calculations Simplified.

which he has fondly calls all in one calculator. Meet Aryan Pashine, the elder son of Architects Anurag Pashine and Pallavi Pashine who credit this feat to his parents who remain supportive of his every effort..

Talking to Nagpur Today, Aryan informed that Purple Box Mobile App is now available on Playstore and Appstore. Since Apple and Google approved the App, he automatically got the Patent for the Purple Box Mobile App. Calkify-Calculations Simplified has also been approved by Apple and is all set to be released in a day of two.

Scripting success stories…

Aryan said when he was 5-6 years old, his father had given him a lap-top. Unlike other kids who like to download and play games, he used to explore various interesting topics on Google Search Engine. It was then that he was introduced to the on-line games. However due to low internet connectivity those days, he often indulged into some offline things too. It was then that he learnt about the word-processor.

He began writing his own stories. Among the many stories he has written by the age of 8-9 years (when he was studying in the Vth Standard), one book could be published titled No Pain No Gain. It took nearly a year to get the visuals and find a suitable publisher and getting the book published. A second book is in the pipe-line on which Aryan is working on in his free time.


The Little Tech Master
Aryan claimed that it was then that his father realized that Aryan is doing good things on the computer so he gifted him with a new laptop. Aryan was elated that he now owned a more powerful machine. He started playing around and searching the Google on many topics of interest to him. While browsing the internet, Animations caught his interest. He wanted to do something in animations. A hidden desire to design and make an internet game emerged. Through internet support, he realized that he needed to learn a language called Inform-7. This language enables one to make Inter-active Fiction Games. Aryan calls this as a Playable Book.
However, he realized that Visual Characters are missing from the games. He again searched the internet and learnt that he needs to know a Software named Unity-3D. Aryan claimed that he learnt this language too which is based on Java. After working for some days, he succeeded in designing and developing Purple Box.

And the Quest Continues…
This success encouraged him to get a strong urge to design and develop another Mobile Utility App. He aspired to make an App specifically for the Apple I-Phones. After working for some more days, he succeeded in designing and developing another Mobile Utility App called Calkify-Calculations Simplified.
This App has been approved by Apple and is all set to be released in a day of two. While speaking about this App, Aryan claimed that basically this App is an All-in-one Calculator. All calculations like Loan, Lease etc can be done in a simplified manner through this App. His Maternal Uncle who is in into IT asked him to learn to work team collaboration. His Uncle also asked him to browse the net for searching for like-minded on-line communities or groups who are part of a specific Group with specific interests who meet-up for get-togethers. He said that he posted an idea of another Mobile App on the net and received a lot of responses who wanted to work with him as a group. He is working on another Mobile App now, he informed.

All in Family
While speaking about his family, he said that he has a baby brother named Armaan. He added that he could do so many things only because both his parents motivated and supported him in everything that he did. He claims that they never pressurized him or nagged him to study. While answering a question on how he is doing in his studies, he said that he is not a topper but certainly doing well. He has just shifted from city’s Centre Point School to his new School, Indus International School in Pune. Apart from Writing and designing/developing Mobile Apps, Aryan also paints and does some sketching. He is also a voracious reader. Whoa!! That’s what we call a super-talent!