Published On : Thu, May 28th, 2015

Massive catch: Man arrested with 102 lethal weapons in his possession

20150528_111917Nagpur: In what appears to be one of the biggest arms haul in recent years, the Detection Branch (DB-Squad) of Tehsil Police Station seized a consignment comprising of 102 lethal weapons from a shop in Mohminpura late on Thursday night. The entire operation was conducted under the supervision of Deputy Commissioner of Police Avinash Kumar. One person considered to be the kingpin of the arms smuggling has been arrested in this connection.

The accused identified as Mohamad Nahim Zul Ubaidin Ansari who runs a general store in Mohminpura was arrested.

20150528_111505While addressing the media personnel, Assistant Commissioner of Police Bhagat informed that Police Head Constable Sanjay Aathavle received a confidential tip off that a resident of Mominpura identified as Mohammed Naem Ansari aged 49 years sells illegal arms and weapons.

that a total of 102 lethal weapons which include one sword, 31 daggers, 8 Khukuris (Nepalese knife), 43 Knives, 14 small Knives and 5 Sword Sticks (Guptis) were seized from the accused. Beside this cash of Rs. 4,70,980 (Rupees four lakhs seventy thousand nine hundred and eighty was also recovered from his possession.

Initial investigation revealed that the accused had brought these weapons from Mumbai via railway route. The Police are surprised how the accused was able to transport this big stock of weapons unchecked from Mumbai.

20150528_111425According to our sources the Police came to know about this huge cache of weapons by default when a person was rounded up by Tehsil Police just for formal interrogation. During the interrogation police personal found a knife in his possession. He claimed that he had bought this weapon from Mohammed Ansari of Mominpura. On further interrogation, he spilled the beans resulting in the cops becoming aware of this huge cache weapons. Police are investigating the case further. The cops are now investigating on the main supplier of arms and weapons to Mohammed Ansari. Sources claimed that the accused has a heart condition. Only two days earlier, his daughter was engaged to be married.

Sources also claimed that when the cops were arresting the accused, a local leader had come to the police station and had mediated for the accused that he should be spared of police action. However, the police did not relent to the pressure tactics of the local leader and carried out their formalities and booked the accused.