Published On : Sat, Aug 9th, 2014

Maruti Suzuki Ritz Car suddenly catches fire in front of Sai Temple


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Nagpur News

In what could be explained as sheer good-luck or God’s protection, a family had a providential escape when the car in which they were travelling suddenly caught fire on the flyover near Sai Mandir and was reduced to ashes in minutes at around 8:30 pm on August 9, 2014 . However, all the occupants (family members) managed to exit the car, just in time.

The on-lookers said that suddenly thick black smoke started emanating from the bonnet of the car and within minutes the entire car was reduced to a heap of mangled steel.

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Someone informed the fire department and the police. Soon the area was cordoned off and before the fire tender reached the spot, the car was already reduced to ashes.

However, the fire personnel from the Fire-Department poured water and doused the flames so that the car does not burst.
Till the time of filling the story, neither the Fire-Department personnel nor the police officials were telling the cause of fire and other details.

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