Published On : Wed, Jan 30th, 2013
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Martyr’s Day Special:Gandhi topi’s still an integral dress code at a school in Nagpur

Nagpur News : Remember Gandhi Cap…!! Well most of us have heard about it in books and Gandhian literature but probably large number of youth including great many Nagpurites may know of this as they have seen Gandhi Cap, commonly known as Gandhi topi, during the Anna Hazare wave that swept the nation with the spirit of being an Indian. Now the leaders are seen wearing Gandhi topi only on occasions like Independence Day and Republic Day but there’s one school in Nagpur which preaches Mahatma Gandhi not only in words but in deeds as well.

MM Rabbani School in Kamptee is a testimony to the fact that Gandhian philosophy is still followed in letter and spirit at the time when such a pattern is considered too old fashioned to be followed. All the students at this school wear Gandhi cap as an integral part of their dress code. And the tradition is being followed for over good 80 years.

Sheikh Hussein Rabbani started the school in 1932 to extend higher education to the minor section of the society. Since then, the Gandhi topi as essential dress code has been incorporated and followed tooth and nail in this school.

Gandhi cap was not much in the trend between the years 1932 and 1942, but the school had made it compulsory part of uniform even then.

The legacy is being followed even today when thousands of students attend this school wearing bright white Gandhian cap. The uniform comprises khaki pants, white shirt and Gandhi cap. Every day the students assemble for Gandhi Vandana before starting with the classes.

The total strength of Rabbani school is 1800 students. 54 teachers are appointed in this school in which apart from Urdu teachings in Hindi, Marathi and English language is also practised. Famous Cardiologist and Padmashree Dr Khalil Ullah had underwent schooling at this institution only.

Gandhi Topi – a symbol of nation

Gandhi Topi became a symbol of freedom struggle during the days of British Rule in India. During those years, Subhash Chandra Bose introduced khaki topi, Hindu Mahasabha and RSS put on black cap and the Congress party brought white Gandhi cap. Gandhi cap became a rage among freedom enthusiasts during 1942 Quit India Movement.