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Marathi Movie, Premasathi Coming Suun- a movie to look forward to


Sneha Pendse,  Jitendra Joshi & Anup Kumar Poddar

In an exclusive interview with Nagpur Today the cast and crew of the Premasathi Coming Suun” Heroine Neha Pendse, Hero Jitendra Joshi, Director Ankur Kakatkar and one of the Producers Anup Kumar Poddar, said when they visited the office of Nagpur Today that for once, the right actors, actress, director, producer all have come together. While praising the producers, Anup Kumar PoddarAman VidhateSanjay Sankla and Mulchand Dedhia, Director Ankur Kakatkar said that thanks to Almighty God, the producers ensured that no compromise was made in anything that he wanted or the story/filming demanded. So much so that every jewellery worn by heroine Neha Pendse is real gold having diamond inlays. All the sarees are designer sarees and specially made for the movie. He added that wish every Marathi Movie Director gets this kind of Producers.

Interview of ‘Premasathi Coming Suun’ crew at Nagpur Today Office

Interview of ‘Premasathi Coming Suun’ crew at Nagpur Today Office

While replying to a query on the type of story, he said that the movie has Drama, Romance and Comedy. The Director Ankur added that he simply enjoyed directing the movie. Everything worked with clockwise precision.

While answering to a question on why Marathi movies don’t do so well in tier two cities while they do so well in cities like Kolhapur, Pune, Mumbai etc. Is it because of the poor publicity or that the producers don’t have budget to promote the movie in cities like Nagpur, reputed Marathi Actor Jitendra Joshi claimed that to some extent, it may be true. However, while many Marathi movies are really well made and has a good story or message to convey, it does not do well in cities like Nagpur because, people don’t go to watch the movies in theatres anymore. He added that most Marathi speaking populace also understands Hindi so they prefer to watch a Hindi movie.

Hero Jitendra Joshi

Hero Jitendra Joshi

He claimed that on many occasion, producers don’t even get back the money that they have invested in the movies. In order to ensure a good audience, the Producers have booked seven cinema halls where the movie will be screened in Nagpur.

Director Ankur claimed that the movie was shot in Mud Island and Film City Mumbai and Rajguru Nagar in Pune. The shooting began on June 19, 2014 and finished on July 9, 2014. They had 60 days of outdoor shooting while 40 days of indoor shooting.

While speaking to Nagpur Today, Heroine of the movie Neha Pendse claimed that the movie does not give any specific revolutionary message. It is sheer fun-filled movie that has Drama, Comedy and Romance. She narrated the story, claiming that

Lady in Lead- Neha Pendse during Interview of ‘Premasathi Coming Suun’ crew at Nagpur Today Office in Nagpur

Lady in Lead- Neha Pendse

Premasathi Coming Suun’ is the funny heartwarming tale of Aditya played by Adinath Kothare, who is a goody-goody young man (perfect marriage material) in his early twenties whose family is looking for a bride for him, while she is playing the role of Antara the prospective bride. In fact, it was Aditya’s grandmother who noticed Antara and wants Aditya to marry her. So on her insistence, the family goes to see the girl. One look and he falls madly in love with Antara.

Aditya loves Antara a lot. However, the next morning of their marriage, Aditya wakes to find that Antara gone. Neha Pendse claimed that his journey in search of his bride begins here. A question keep nagging in his mind as to why did his wife leave him on the morning after his wedding?

Director Ankur Kakatkar

Director Ankur Kakatkar

However, he tries to fulfill the promise he makes to his grandmother that he will bring her back!. He reaches Kolhapur in a quest to find his wife. There he comes to know that his wife is in-fact marrying again. He becomes the wedding planner and

tries to woo her back with his noble behavior. Neha very cleverly avoided divulging the reason for Antara’s disappearance and the climax.

Neha claimed that Lyricist Chetan Dange has written 7 melodious songs of the film for which Pankaj Padghan is given his Music.

Neha claimed that the other cast include Jitendra Joshi Vijay Patkar, Resham Tipnis, Suhas Joshi and Anchal Poddar. Movie is said to be released throughout the state on December 12, 2014.


Neha Pendse’s Message
While claiming that she does not want to sound giving lecture, she said that those girls who are aspiring to become actress, should have a self-assessment, get all the right in-puts, be focused and have tremendous determination. They should have an attitude of “Come what may, I will achieve my goal”. She cautioned the wanna-be actresses that one should also be ready for a lot of rejections, days and days of waiting and immense patience. She added that wherever you go, make sure you take your mom with you because you need your family’s support to achieve whatever you dream.

The celebrities got coordinated by Sanjay Kukreja of Balaji Entertainments.

For the Fans! during Interview of ‘Premasathi Coming Suun’ crew at Nagpur Today Office in Nagpur

Sneha Pendse,  Jitendra Joshi & Anup Kumar Poddar  (8)
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