Published On : Tue, Dec 13th, 2016

Maratha youth enticed by what would appeal to them

: The Maratha community, a dominant force in Maharashtra politics, has been taking out silent marches in various towns in the state over the last one month. After holding more than 28 silent Morchas across Maharashtra, now the Maratha community plans to organize a huge Maratha Kranti Morcha on December 14, 2016 during the Winter Session of the State Legislative Assembly. The leaders of the Maratha community claimed that if their demands were not agreed upon by the State Government, they would intensify their agitation.

On the eve of the Maratha Morcha, many road side vendors were seen selling Black Coloured T-shirts with the symbol of saffron coloured flag (generally used by Shivaji’s followers) with the inscription  Ek Maratha, Lakh Maratha (One Maratha-lakh Maratha). There were two or three road side vendors who were making temporary tattoos which said “Jagdambe” or “Mee Maratha”.

Safron Flags were also being sold. Some of the activists were also seen selling caps. Some were busy making placards which said “Jago Mukhya Mantri, Hamari Mange Poori Karo” (“Wake up Chief Minister: Fulfill our demands”).

Knowing fully well that unless the youth wake-up to the demands and needs of the Maratha community, their protests will seem use-less, the leaders of the Maratha community seem to be wooing the youth with Tatoos and T-shirts.