Published On : Sat, Jan 17th, 2015

Manja Menace: Post Sankrant, Manza menace continues in city

Family of businessman gets provincial escape from manja

Vishal Kale wraping the manja from the flyover., Vishal shows the amount of manja collected in his hand

Vishal Kale wraping the manja from the flyover & Vishal shows the amount of manja collected in his hand


An old adage goes like this; Jakey Rakho Saiyan, Maar Sakey Naa Koi. This is exactly what can be said about the provincial escape that a businessman and his family had on January 17, 2015.

On Sankrant, i.e. January 15, 2015, many youngsters enjoyed kite flying. They also enjoyed cutting off other kites with their kite-flying skills and sharp manja. However, they did not realize that this may prove to be a thin weapon for garroting (Garroting means to kill (someone) by strangulation, especially with a length of wire or cord).

What happens is that the strings used to fly the kites, gets severed off. The kite with its long string or manja floats around and settles around on some trees, poles or other hindrances, while some kites are caught by vagabond boys. However, the string gets caught precariously to some poles, cement obstruction etc. This poses danger to road users especially the riders of two-wheelers.

The wound on Nikita's ankle showing a 2.5 inch deep wound

The wound on Nikita’s ankle showing a 2.5 inch deep wound

In a similar incident that occurred on January 17, 2015, a businessman Vishal Kale aged 36 years was travelling on his TVS Scooterette from Panchasheel Square to Lokmat Square. He had his wife and a three year old daughter riding on the pillion seat. Suddenly when they reached the spot on the road which is hit opposite to Jasleen Hospital, he felt something cut into his neck. Usually when the signal turns green at Panchasheel Square, everybody rushes ahead in pretty good speed. Vishal Kale too was in a pretty good speed. However, when he realized that he has a manja on his neck, he somehow showed signal and applied brakes and ensured that his wife and daughter gets down.

Nagpur Today happened to witness this and captured the manja being wounded by him. The manja was seen coming down from over the flyover and landing somewhere near the gate of Jasleen Hospital.

Vishal Kale had a miraculous escape with a small thin superficial cut.

Nikita Kumre after the operation

Nikita Kumre after the operation

Nikita Kumre not so lucky

Another girl named Nikita Kumre aged around 19 years involved in various modeling assignments had a cut of 2.5 inches deep at her ankle as a nylon-manja had suddenly wrapped around her ankle and before she could stop the two-wheeler which she was riding on, the nylon-manja had cut into her ankle causing a deep wound in her ankle. The Gittikhadan police have registered a case against unidentified miscreants who had caused such a deep wound on Nikitas ankle. She was operated on January 16, 2015 in a private hospital and is said to be recovering.

Nikita’s career as a model is now in doldrums since she may never again walk properly.