Published On : Fri, Jun 13th, 2014

Manish Nagar railway crossing runs without barriers; Narrow escape for commuters

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Many commuters passing through defunct Manish Nagar railway crossing had the narrow escape on Thursday afternoon as they got stuck on the railway tracks amidst the approaching express train. Many commuters had reportedly got out of their vehicles and rushed to save their lives, leaving their automobiles on tracks. However, timely alert by the train driver led to the escape as he immediately applied the brakes after noticing the commuters caught between tracks.

Hordes of commuters who travelled their routine through Manish Nagar railway crossing were in for shock on Thursday as they discovered that railway barriers went dysfunctional, leaving a man to check the traffic in the eventuality of train’s arrival. However, the manual approach to block the commuters from any risk went for the toss as the traffic peaked by the evening and the man at the controls could not help much. All the daylong, the commuters had to struggle through the tracks, training watchful eyes on both the sides to avoid danger. The workers were engaged to repair the barriers, however it could not be restored till late Thursday night.

Said an eyewitness who was one of those caught before the speeding train, “Most of the time, the commuters had to move on their own without any manual instructions. At around They could not gauge the speed of the train approaching from far, but it was far more than what we guessed. Looking at the train’s speed, many of us had no option but to leave our vehicles behind to save our lives. To our good luck, the train driver noticed all of us and stopped the train to clear the traffic.”

Another commuter said, “This is the height of apathy. The barrier has fallen down on the most travelled crossing as it lies in the middle of the city, but the railway officials paid no heed except deploying a single man to control the traffic. How can they be so ruthless towards human lives?”

Action demanded

Annoyed over the callous attitude of railway officials in handling the crossing, a group of citizens have demanded stern action against the concerned officer. “This person should be charged with attempt to homicide, for putting lives of hordes of commuters in danger,” said a fumed citizen.

It’s high time to build over bridge now

For long the citizens have been demanding construction of over bridge on this crossing, given the traffic clogging on daily basis. The residential area on the stretch from Manish Nagar to Besa and Beltarodi has developed enormously and nearly all of them had to commute through this crossing leading to the congestion at this point. Owing to the problems being faced routinely, and post this incident, the citizens now wanted the railways should act before it’s too late.