Published On : Mon, Apr 25th, 2016

Maneka Cites Sonia’s Example on How to Curb Corruption

Pilibhit: Congress President Sonia Gandhi was showered praises from an unexpected quarter on Sunday. Sonia’s estranged sister-in-law and Union Minister in the Bharatiya Janata Party-led Central government Maneka Gandhi complimented her for curbing corruption.
Narrating an old incident, Maneka cited Sonia as a leader who discouraged nepotism in response to questions on corruption in the area.

“Once Sonia Gandhi’s relative opened up a shop. That relative used to take advantage of her name. Sonia put out advertisements in newspapers asking people not to go to that person for any help. I’m asking you to do a similar thing. You, too, advertise, we have the media here. You also put out advertisements that whosoever needs assistance should contact you directly. Put this advertisement up on the walls of your office too. We will carry out a vigilance enquiry on all babus,” she said at a meeting in her Lok Sabha constituency Pilibhit.

During her visit to Pilibhit, she also attended programmes and meetings with district officials, bank officials and farmers regarding schemes run by the Centre.

In a meeting with farmers, Maneka asked them to increase production of pulses in the country. She also urged them to use organic fertilisers and cited the example of Sikkim, where other fertilisers and pesticides have been banned.