Published On : Mon, Oct 3rd, 2016

Man kills wife’s paramour with his friends

Kanhan Murder

Nagpur: On September 29, 2016, a partially burnt dead-body of unidentified young man was found near the banks of Kanhan River near Shingardeep area. The deceased youth was wearing a black and white T-shirt and a olive green coloured Bermuda. Prima facie it appeared to be a case of murder since the cops of Kanhan Police Station found many knife wounds on the body of the deceased.

Cops of Kanhan Police Station registered an offence under Crime No 309/16 under Sections 302 and 201 of Indian Penal Code against unidentified accused and initiated an investigation. Since the crime was of sensitive nature and since the cops had no leads or clues to move on, the Superintendent of Police directed the cops of Local Crime Branch to investigate into the crime.

The cops of Local Crime Branch started the investigation on the assumption that someone or some people had murdered the youth and with the objective to destroy the evidence, they dumped the body in the river. The cops started making enquiries on all the localities near the spots where the Kanhan River flows through. Since the cops had sent the photographs of the deceased to all the police stations in the city, the Hudkeshwar Police Station, responded saying that they have received a missing complaint of a youth who looks similar to the deceased. Once the family members identified the deceased, the cops of LCB started investigations.

It came to fore that Hudkeshwar Police Station received a missing person’s complaint of a youth identified as Akshay Dewaram Titarmare aged 22 years and resident of Ruiyad in Kuhi Tehsil but was living in the city in a rented accommodation in Bank Colony, Narsala, Nagpur. On the basis of the complaint lodged by mother of the deceased Indira Bai, the cops of Local Crime Branch started investigation in all earnest.

It was revealed that Akshay was employed with a private real-estate firm for the past 2 years. The cops questioned the land-lord (where Akshay was staying on rent) and learnt that Akshay was working in the office of Vijay Mahod (also a resident of Narsala) who was dealing with sale and purchase of plots.

The cops learnt that the deceased Akshay, had gone out accompanying his colleague identified as Ravi Kaikade (also a resident of Narsala) on September 25, 2016 and has not returned home since. The cops initiated a secret investigation on Ravi Kaikade. It came to fore that Ravi Kaikade had criminal antecedents and some of the activities in the past few days were suspicious. Ravi alias Satish Shravanji Kaikade aged 32 years and a resident of Narsala was lifted for questioning. The cops questioned him where he took Akshay from his rented room.

Initially he was giving evasive replies and tried to lead the cops astray. When the cops noticed that he was changing the versions frequently, they resorted to sustained interrogation and Ravi spilled the beans and accepted his role in the murder. He then revealed the exact modus operandi of the crime.

According to the facts that came to fore in the questioning is as follows Akshay Titarmare was working with Vijay Mahod who is also a resident of Narsala area. Apart from office work of Plot sale and purchase of plots, Akshay was also required to do household chores. Somehow, Akshay and Vijay Mahod’s wife fell in love with each other and a full blown illicit love affair was going on behind the back of Vijay Mahod. However, Vijay Mahod came to know about the love affair and he decided to eliminate Akshay for betraying him.

On September 25, 2016, Vijay Mahod had a bitter argument with his wife over the illicit affair with Akshay. Vijay Mahod decided to do away Akshay on that very day. So he took his wife and his kid and left them both in his brother-in-law’s house. The brother-in-law of Vijay Mahod is identified as Amol Arun Tuppet aged 24 years and a resident of Pardi area.

After leaving his wife and kid in Pardi, Vijay Mahod called his friend Sumit Munna Chauhan aged 19 years and a resident of Narsala to Pardi. Vijay Mahod, Amol Tuppet and Sumit all reached the office of Vijay Mahod. Vijay Mahod then called Ravi Kaikade and told him that Akshay has his mobile phone with him and that he bring him to the office. However, Ravi Kaikade took Akshay from his rented room and left him in his own house. Then Vijay Mahod, Ravi Kaikade, Sumit Chauhan consumed liquor in the office of Vijay Mahod while the planned how to eliminate Akshay. Then Vijay Mahod got his friend’s four-wheeler and all (Vijay Mahod, Amol Tuppet, Ravi Kaikade, Sumit Chauhan) went to Ravi Kaikade and collected him telling him that they were going gambling. Ignorant to their real motives, Akshay accompanied them in the four-wheeler. The accused quartet then went on Umred Outer Ring Road towards Jabalpore. While travelling, Vijay Mahod asked Akshay why he was having an affair with his wife. Poor Akshay accepted the fact that he was indeed having an affair and was sorry. However, since they had already planned to eliminate Akshay, they took the four-wheeler on the Kanhan Bridge. They stopped the vehicle half way through and before Akshay could even realize, Vijay Mahod, took out a knife in his possession and started repeatedly stabbing Akshay. Soon Akshay became bloodied and died on the spot. The accused quartet then attempted to burn him in an attempt to destroy evidence and his identity. They then picked the body and threw it in the Kanhan River assuming that the flow of water will take deceased Akshay far away. However, the body got caught in the weeds and landed in the banks of Kanhan river and the entire crime got to fore.

After throwing the body, the accused trio returned to Nagpur. The cops of Local Crime branch has registered a case against the accused

  • Satish Shravanji Kaikade aged 32 years and a resident of Narsala
  • Amol Arun Tuppet aged 24 years and a resident of Pardi area
  • Sumit Munna Chauhan aged 19 years and a resident of Narsala
  • and Vijay Mahod and a resident of Narsala.

While Satish Kaikade, Amol Tuppet and Sumit Chauhan have been arrested the main accused Vijay Mahod is said to be absconding.

On the guidance of Superintendent of Police (Nagpur Rural Police) Anant Rokde, Additional Superintendent of Police Narshingh Sherkhane, In-Charge of Local Crime Branch Police Inspector Sanjay Purandare, Police Sub Inspector Ulhas Bhusari, PSI Purushotam Aherkar, PSI Arvind Saraf (Cyber Cell), PSI Ajab Singh Jarwal, Police Constables Laxmi Prasad Dube, Jaiprakash Sharma, Suraj Parmar, Madan Asatkar, Santosh Pandre, Nilesh Barve, Pramod Bansod, Avinash Raut, Naik Police Constable Dilip Lanjewar, Suresh Ghate, Constables Radheshyam Kamble, Vishal Chauhan, Amol Wagh, Pranay Banafar, Chetan Raut and Woman Police Constable Namrata Baghel carried out the investigation and unraveled the crime.