Published On : Tue, May 3rd, 2016

Man attempts to murder wife to marry lover

Representational pic

Representational pic

Nagpur: Extramarital affairs often ends in tragic end of one or more persons involved, which includes the man, the wife and the lover or wife, husband and lover. In a similar incident, a man who had an extra-marital affair attempted to murder his wife in Jaripatka area on May 2, 2016.

According to police sources, the victim identified as Ayesha alias Ashu Khan had lodged a complaint with Jaripatka Police station against her husband identified as Arif Khan and his lover Roshini and husband’s friend Pranay Chahande.

According to police sources, the accused Arif Khan a resident of Goa Colony was married to Ayesha alias Ashu Khan. The accused Arif is said to be an auto driver. Arif had an extra marital affair with another girl identified as Roshni. When the wife Ayesha came to know about the extra-marital affair of Arif, frequent quarrels ensued in the family. On one occasion, Ayesha confronted Roshni and had a wordy duel with her.
On May 1, 2016, Arif and Ayesha had come to Goa Colony to attend some marriage function. Arif had left Ayesha to return home on her own and had gone out. Ayesha’s husband Arif, his lover Roshni and his friend Pranay Chahande had called Ayesha and asked her to come to Mangalwari Overhead Bridge.
Ayesha, Roshni and Arif had a big quarrel on the bridge. Suddenly, all the three connived and hoisted Ayesha and dropped her down the bridge. Ayesha sustained injuries, two of her teeth were knocked off, both the legs got broken.

On receipt of information about the incident, Assistant Police Inspector M Dubbal of Jaripatka Police Station reached the spot along with the staff. He performed the panchanama and took the injured to Jaripatka police station and registered a case against the three accused including Arif, his lover Roshni and his friend Pranay Chahande under sections 307 of Indian Penal Code.

Sources revealed that the lover of Arif Roshni has been pressurizing him to get married to her. This pressuring had resulted in Roshni and Arif to plan to eliminate the wife of Arif Ayesha. All the three accused are said to be absconding.