Published On : Tue, May 3rd, 2016

An informative talk held on “The Role Of Emotional Intelligence In Work Place” at VIA

LEW conducted a programme on “The Role Of Emotional Intelligence at Work Place” on 26th April 16 at VIA Hall, Udhyog Bhavan, Nagpur. Nowadays in this competitive era people do not have time for their family even for themselves, mostly working women are facing this problem much more and it affects their relations and when this gap is increased then it affects emotions too and it leads to depression, even people face this problem at their work place too, lack of communication, understanding each other, they should know how to balance both the things, said Vandana S Sharma, Chairperson Lady Entrepreneur Wing – Vidarbha Industrial Association.

The emotional intelligence how it affects today’s workforce. Businesses are essentially people, so anything that impacts the effectiveness of people’s minds also impacts the businesses they run or work for. In fact, many experts now believe that a person’s emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) may be more important than their IQ and is certainly a better predictor of success, quality of relationships, and overall happiness.

Jayshree Sharma, Corporate trainer was a Guest Speaker in VIA LEW who explained, Emotional Intelligence is very important for all employees as it is one of the important deciding factor for relationship management resulting in motivation, retention, self management & managing others, the speaker explains why in-spite of equal intellectual capacity, educational background, training or experience some people excel while others of same caliber and high educational degree lag behind. & Emotional Intelligence is the dimension of intelligence responsible for our ability to manage ourselves and our relationship with others in workplace, also she give useful tips to audience to control your emotions in workplace

The programme was followed by talk on “ME – WE Balance for Women Entrepreneurs on Work Life” by Anushka Karria Life Coach and Counsellor, She explained how to handle growing child while working, and suggested to give quality of time instead of giving quantity of time. She also said that never expect things perfectly done as par your way of working, one should adopt art of acceptance. Also suggested to make a list and set reminders for prior work to avoid stress and it also save time, She emphasized on personal care that woman should give first priority to herself and take out at least one hour from 24 hrs of a day for herself.

Earlier Vanadan Sharma, Chairperson – LEW, welcomed Jayshree Sharma & Prafullata Rode advisory VIA LEW welcomed Anushka Karria with floral compliments. Program was conducted by Manisha Bawankar Vice Chairperson, Vote of thanks was proposed by Shachi Mallick, Secretary. The Program was attended by Anita Rao IPP, Poonam Lala, – Treasurer, Reeta Lanjewar,Vice Chairperson. & EC Member Mitali Rafique, Rashmi Kulkarni, Alka Ambagade and large number of entrepreneurs, students and housewives. Says a press note issued by Vanadan Sharma, Chairperson, LEW.