Published On : Fri, Dec 2nd, 2016

Man attempts to kill sister-in-law for refusing to marry him


Nagpur: Man attempts to kill his sister-in-law for refusing to marry him at Jhenda Square Bus Stop on December 2, 2016.

The victim is identified as Vandana Dadarao Kawre aged 27 years and a resident of Juni Basti, Jhingabai Takli under the jurisdiction of Mankapur Police Station. The accused is identified as Sidharth Jotiram Awle aged 36 years and a resident of Shatinagar Slum area. He used to work as a Centering Work in various building sites.

Sources claimed that on December 2, 2016, the accused Sidharth Jotiram Awle had attacked the victim Vandana Dadarao Kawre with a cleaver or chopper (a tool used by butchers for chopping meat) on the rear of her head. Since the accused attacked the victim in full public view, the onlookers hit the accused with stones and apprehended him. The accused was later handed over to the cops of Mankapur Police Station.

During initial questioning, it came to fore that the accused Sidharth Awre had been stalking his sister-in-law Vandana Aware and has been pressurizing her to marry him. However, Vandana had refused to marry him.

The marriage offer too had arisen due to the unfortunate road mishap in which the wife of the accused had died. Unfortunately, the sister-in-law Vandana was driving the two-wheelers when the mishap occurred and her elder sister i.e. the wife of the accused died. The accused had been claiming that it was because of her (Vandana’s) carelessness that his wife died so she must marry him.

The victim Vandana Kawre had lodged a complaint against the accused in Mankapur Police Station around 6-7 months when the accused started pressurizing her. The cops of Mankapur Police Station had registered a case of molesting under section 354 of Indian Penal Code.

Based on the complaint lodged by the victim, the cops of Mankapur Police Station have registered a case of attempt to murder against the accused and are investigating further.