Malls open up in Nagpur

Nagpur: Malls in Nagpur have opened after four months today on August 5 but the atmosphere was quite dull initially. Foot fall till noon in the city was very low. Speaking to Nagpur Today one the shop owner of the Mall said this is due to fear among the people and the rising case of death in the city but feels that as time goes there will be more crowd though he requested people to avoid visiting for window shopping.

Mall owners were busy making arrangements for maintaining safety of their customers inside the premises. Every nook and corner is being sanitized and circles are being drawn in front of shops. Sanitizer dispensers are being installed at various places.

Many restaurants have decided not to open up as they feel home delivery is not viable. Some shops will open after a few days as they are busy cleaning and tidying.

Under the new guidelines, the mall authorities will have to follow all the rules that have been put in place. They will have to manage the crowd and will have to ensure their safety. Taking measures to ensure social distancing will be the first and foremost thing.