Published On : Mon, Jan 12th, 2015

Major upheavals in the RSS hierarchy

Dattatreya Hosabele

Changes in the organisational hierarchy of RSS are in the offing at the next All India Pratinidhi Sabha (AIPS) to be held in March this year. Dattatreya Hosabele, currently Joint General Secretary in RSS, will be promoted to the position of General Secretary in the organisation. He will be replacing Suresh “Bhaiyyaji” Joshi who currently occupies this position, considered to be the second-in-command in RSS after RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat.

When the RSS meets in March this year for the All India Pratinidhi Sabha (AIPS) some major changes are going to be in the offing. Bhaiyaji Joshi who has been the general Secretary for long and considered almost equal to Bhagwat in importance is set to retire and Dattatreya Hosabele currently Jt.Secretary will take over the post of G.S. (Though Bhaiyaji will continue being active in the side line).

This move will set off a wave of other changes in the organization that the whole nation will watch with interest given the interesting RSS – BJP affiliation that some opine has the former shadow boxing for the latter. Two positions of Jt Secretary will fall vacant – one due to Hosabele’s promotion and the other because of matrimony ( volunteers of RSS are supposed to remain ‘Brahmacharis) and will have to be filled with candidates selected by ‘new management’.

The moves of the new General Secretary will also be worth watching as thus far he has scrupulously avoided  being the interlocutor between Sangh and BJP. Twice he has been offered the post, held by Suresh Soni and Krishna Gopal and both times he has refused it, according to sources close to RSS.

But now, he will have to build rapports with the ruling party the compulsions of which were detrimental to men who occupied the position in the past even with a mild Vajapayee as PM. The Modi – Hosabele relationship and how it evolves will be of great interest, to not just observers but for the whole nation.